MSNBC personality Jason Johnson spoke out on Tuesday to react to President Joe Biden shockingly weighing in on the Derek Chauvin verdict in the death of George Floyd before it came in. Johnson reacted by somehow making this about Donald Trump, saying that he would be “terrified’ of the violence that the former president would incite if he was still in office.

“I keep thinking — I mean, we also covered the presidential contest between now President Biden and disgraced ex-President Trump — that this moment for the country might be different if he had prevailed,” said host Nicolle Wallace. “I wonder what you make of President Biden’s comments this morning that the evidence against Derek Chauvin in this trial is overwhelming.”

“Yeah, Nicolle, generally I don’t like it when presidents speak on court cases. It just doesn’t make me comfortable. They should allow the process to go, but I think we’re in a different time. I think Donald Trump pretty much broke that,” Johnson replied. “He talked about everything he wanted to, whether appropriate or not. It demonstrates that Joe Biden has eyes, he pays attention, he can see, and he has a certain degree of empathy.”

“I am pleased about the fact that we have leadership today that is willing to make a comment about this, regardless of what the final ruling is,” he added. “It is not even hypothetical. It’s not alternative history. I would be horrified to hear this ruling if we still had a President Trump. I would be terrified as to what kind of violence he would incur, regardless of what the ruling would be.”

“The fact that we have a president who seems to care, a president who recognizes how much of America is invested in whatever this ruling finally is, is a good shine for leadership going forward,” Johnson continued. “If he takes it as an opportunity to propose fundamental changes, that would be more important, but the fact he is not going to throw gasoline on this is a good thing and a welcome change from what we had before.”

This just goes to show that the media will never leave Trump alone, even with him being out of office. He’s ratings gold for them, and he’s their favorite scapegoat. Sad!