Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) went on MSNBC on Tuesday to claim that Republicans are only targeting her for allegedly inciting violence in Minneapolis this past weekend because she is an “uppity” black woman.

“We’ve got to stay active, get more active, more confrontational, make sure that they know we mean business,” Waters told protesters over the weekend days before Derek Chauvin was found guilty in the death of George Floyd. Republicans have since called for Waters to be expelled from Congress for her comments.

“I have fought this for many, many years. I have been engaged for many years, and you mentioned Rodney King,” Waters told Joy Reid after Chauvin was found guilty. “Yes, that was another special time when we saw him beaten, I mean, literally beaten, and then we were told we could not believe our own eyes, and we did not get justice. So today is very special. Something very special has happened.”

“I’m criticized all the time, and of course, the Republicans make a target of me,” she added. “As you know, I am passionate on these issues, having lived with them so long, having seen so much injustice. So I’m delighted that we have the verdict that we got today. I could not believe it, but it is absolutely true.”

“I’m pleased that I feel strong enough and able enough to go out with the young people to say Aunty Maxine is here. I support you. I want you to be activists,” Waters continued. “I’m sorry it causes pain often types with my colleagues. Many times they’re in these districts where they’re frightened where they have it a lot of racism. They haven’t moved to the point that they can have a decent conversation about these issues, and sometimes it’s very difficult for them, but they stood up with me today.”

“They put me out for censure because of my visit to Minneapolis,” she concluded. “My colleagues stood with me and voted to table the motion that was put up to censure me because the Republicans love it use me as a target. They raise money on my back. ‘Oh, that is that Maxine Waters who is so uppity, someone we can’t control. You have to make sure I have enough money to keep her from getting reelected.’ I keep getting reelected, and the poor people, many retirees, keep giving them their money. They don’t seem to understand they’re not going to get me out of office. I’m here until I decide to retire.”