Writer Eli Steele got a chance to view loons of both Left and Right square off at a demonstration. But only one of the groups turned to violence.

Steele: “When a person chooses to embrace an ideology grounded in race, the main goal is power over another group of human beings. Racial ideologies always claim to be motivated by a higher good; this self-flattering illusion only serves to hide the immorality of their acts. The only real thing here is power.

“Those were the thoughts in my head as I reflected upon the White Lives Matter rally that I had the misfortune of attending in Huntington Beach two weeks ago. When this perfect day for the beach had ended, all that was left in the streets was the residue of racial hate. In the hours prior, many Americans shouted profanities and ideological cliches at one another with no genuine attempts to find common ground. Instead, they left behind cardboard signs with scrawled social justice messages on the sandy sidewalks as they returned to the comfort of their homes with their ideological hatreds renewed.

“At 1 p.m., the lead antiracist speaker proclaimed a victory of sorts since nobody had shown up except for a few guys holding 20-foot poles with the US, Trump 2020, Don’t Tread on Me and All Lives Matter flags. I was about to call it a day when a steady stream of antiracists began crossing the street toward the Trump supporter holding the biggest flagpole. At first, the Trump supporter, a tan, fit man with perfect white teeth, seemed to be holding his ground as the antiracists and media gathered around. He spoke of how ‘all lives mattered’ but dropped hard into conspiracy land when he asked if we knew about the starved, emaciated children beneath the White House or that Jeffrey Epstein was still alive. Yet the crowd around the Trump supporter grew. In the eyes of the antiracist ideologues, where everybody is a racist unless they swear allegiance to the tenets of antiracism, he was a White supremacist that had to be destroyed. Someone yanked the man’s flagpole down and the antiracists tore at the flags like starved dogs.

“The antiracists began to chant ‘all cops are bastards’ at the police who had just arrested a neo-Nazi minutes earlier. Then, in what can only be described as a hunt, the antiracists began to target the locals. In one extended confrontation, an antiracist with bright orange hair and oversized glasses that kept sliding down her nose targeted a lady old enough to be her mother. Backed by her similarly minded friends, the antiracist demanded to know if the lady was a racist and scoffed when the lady replied that ‘all lives mattered.’ The antiracist escalated her verbal assault, lecturing the lady that if she was not on the side of the oppressed then she was on the side of the oppressor. The lady refused to submit.

“If this situation could not get more bizarre, the same antiracist shouted, ‘f–twelve,’ ‘White supremacists,’ ‘Nazi’ and ‘Free Palestine’ at a nearby man draping himself in an Israeli flag. When she saw she was not going to get his scalp, she shrieked at him several more times before moving on to flipping off the police some more.” This is the Left. As Steele said, “This is what America looks like.” Today. In California. 100 says into the Biden administration.