It’s Past Time the Left Gets Some Push Back from Traditional America

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These days, we hear a lot from the Left about how reprehensible and “systemically racist” America is at heart (especially it’s cops). That we as a nation are so damned by our historical “sins” the United States has no moral authority to even strive to become a more perfect union.

The newest iteration of those political progressives who now lean more socialist and even Marxist have reinvigorated the toxic notion that the U.S. Constitution is a relic of the 18th Century and is no longer relevant in our modern society.

Radicals have been trying to get this progressive lie to take hold in American society and government from Woodrow Wilson to FDR to LBJ to Barack Obama (the hand behind the Biden puppet). However, as The 1776 Report notes, the wise words of President Calvin Coolidge, if we pay them heed, crush that progressive, socialist, Marxist crap.

“It is often asserted,” Coolidge said, “that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776… and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning cannot be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions.”

Is there a more sanguine argument for the conservative side? If you disagree with Silent Cal’s assertions about these foundational tenets which undergird our unique American republic, aren’t you saying you disagree that all men are created equal? If you don’t accept people are endowed with inalienable rights, then you must support that rights are granted by some form of dictatorship. If you don’t believe good government requires the consent of the governed, aren’t you advocating government should rule arbitrarily through an elite person or committee?

The premises laid out by Pres. Coolidge are clear and concise. In fact, the philosophical principles he references are so highly evolved it’s exceedingly improbable anyone could improve upon them: people are created equal, people have inalienable rights, and government by the consent of the governed—the people.

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If you have a sincere but misplaced sense of fairness or sympathy for, or empathy with, the neo-left, reconsider those feelings. They don’t deserve it. BLM and Antifa’s fidelity to anarcho-communist/Marxist ideology is obvious. BLM’s founders openly acknowledge their fealty to Marxism as does Antifa who (according to Andy Ngo’s tremendous new book, Unmasked) also subscribe to some communist principles.

Read Ngo’s book, and you’ll learn the leftist radicals’ motivations, methods, and means for revolution. It’s actually quite organized and sophisticated. Make no mistake. When you study even a little about these folks, if you learn nothing else, you’ll learn they are violent revolutionaries who want to overthrow the United States government—by any means necessary.

Another observation some have made is about the radicals’ means and methods used to influence the masses. The leftist revolutionaries of the 20th Century exploited the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. In the former Soviet Union, the ruling socialist/Marxist elites lit the fuse, and after the inevitable explosion, they picked up the pieces and ruled as ironfisted communists for 70 years.­­­­

Today, in America, the radical left has replaced the proletariat and bourgeoisie with white vs. black (and other “people of color”), although they still push class struggle—for old times’ sake. The evidence is ubiquitous. A new leftist government (evidently nicked by subterfuge in 2020) is, as we speak, blatantly violating the U.S. Constitution by doling out tax money to Americans according to their skin color. And public-school districts are imposing on students racist Critical Race Theory and BLM curricula. Through these efforts, our children learn the exact opposite of what MLK taught a nation about striding toward a racially colorblind society. Character no longer seems to matter, only skin color.

Though President Trump tried to thwart it, with Biden, the forced indoctrination of this pernicious propaganda is once again also proliferating in government. Agencies including, intel, law enforcement, and even the military are shoving this partisan political pap down federal employees’ throats.

Whenever the Biden administration announces another nominee or appointment to a federal position, they rarely mention the individual’s abilities or qualifications. But they never fail to mention immutable characteristics such as to what race or ethnic group he or she belongs. Who the f*** cares?

Also, equality and equity are being promiscuously entangled by the Left. Their etymological or phonic similarities make them attractive to radicals to perpetrate this ruse on the American people.

Consider The Daily Signal’s Jarrett Stepman’s recent commentary. He wrote, “The concept of fundamental human equality, derived from ideas at the heart of America’s founding and famously re-articulated by civil rights champion Martin Luther King Jr. in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, is now being replaced by the enforced ‘equity’ of the woke.

“The end result, ironically, is the resegregation of America.”

Since when is a wrong repaired by re-creating the wrong only inflicting it against a different victim? At least, if they called their violation of the equal protection clause revenge or retribution, it would at least be honest. But, don’t we still have to ask a question? How moral is it for a government to punish individual Americans who haven’t committed any historical wrongs while rewarding individual Americans who have suffered no historical wrongs?

It’s clear the neo-left is inflicting critical race theory on America, which dictates, ironically, that you must behave as a racist to be an “anti-racist.” If you’re not frightened to your bones by those now running our post-constitutional federal government, then you’re not paying enough attention as our nation crumbles around us.

On a recent podcast, Dan Bongino recently highlighted KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s prescient words from over 35 years ago. Besmenov warned us about American subversion (from within). He said the best defense available to thwart this onslaught against traditional America is an awakening. This includes learning the issues and then pushing back peacefully in ways big and small commensurate with each American patriot’s ability. Decide how you can push back and then push back—hard!

Bezemenov said, “These are the only solutions: Educate yourself, understand what is going on around you. You are not living at the time of peace, you are in a state of war, and you have precious little time to save yourselves. If you’re talking about capitalists or wealthy businessmen, I think they are selling the rope on which they will hang very soon.”

Just think about the mega-corporations donating millions to BLM an openly Marxist organization that hates them. Bezmenov was spot on. Speaking of hanging, as Ben Franklin famously said to his fellow patriots in 1776, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” If that was good enough for our founders, then it should be good enough for us—their posterity.


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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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