The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence, is the only known foreign intelligence agency with a sarcastic Twitter page. On it, and on other social media sites, you can buy Mossad swag. The best are various items like t-shirts and mugs with the agency’s seal and the tag: “Mossad, It’s Never An Accident.”

So it was not an accident late last week when Israel likely infiltrated the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz and blew up enough equipment to stop power flowing to the Iranian secret program for a year. Israel knows that if Iran gains a nuclear weapon it will very possibly use it against the Jewish state.

With the United States, under the Biden administration currently antisemitic and anti-Israel, out of the picture Israel could be forced to launch a general attack alone, or perhaps with some regional allies, to save itself from nuclear extinction.

As such, by their cowardice and anti-Israel prejudice, the Biden administration could be sleepwalking the world into nuclear war in the Middle East. This publication warned of this before last year’s presidential election. It is coming to pass. The Israeli operation put a spanner in the works. But this blow alone will not stop the Iranians, especially now that the Biden administration is supporting them.

FNC: “A top official in Iran blamed Israel on Monday for a sabotage attack at its underground Natanz nuclear facility in what Tehran called an act of ‘nuclear terrorism.’ Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh represented the first official accusation leveled against Israel for the incident Sunday that cut power across the facility. Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, reportedly appeared on the country’s State TV and blamed the ‘Zionists’ that seek to ‘take revenge because of our progress in the way to lift sanctions…they have publicly said that they will not allow this. But we will take our revenge from the Zionists.’ The New York Times reported that the Natanz nuclear facility suffered from a power failure that seemed to have been caused by an intentional explosion. The paper said that Israel declined to comment on the reported attack. The Times reported that officials from the U.S. and Israel confirmed an Israeli role.”

Ali Vaez, the Iran project director at the International Crisis Group, told the Times, “It’s hard to imagine that it was a cyberattack.The likely scenario is that it either targeted the facility indirectly or through physical infiltration.” Physical infiltration? That means Israeli spies or commandos. Thank God for that.

The West has faced Persia and the East, now Iran, since Thermopylae, since Justinian, since Lepanto, since Vienna, and since fanatical Islamists took over Iran in 1979. But today much of the West cowers before Iran. The sole power left to challenge the East is brave little Israel and perhaps a few courageous Middle Eastern allies. They could face the ancient rage, envy, and hate emanating from the East. Iran knows she must strike while the Democrats hold the White House or deal with a resurgent America. She will not wait long.