Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner shocked fans on Tuesday when she shamelessly gushed over Joe Biden after the president gave an address at the memorial ceremony for slain Capitol police officer Billy Evans on Tuesday.

“My prayer for all of you is that the day will come when you have that memory, and you smile before it brings a tear to your eyes. I promise you it is going to come. It just takes a while,” Biden said in his speech. “But when it comes, you will know because he’s still with you. He is still in your heart.”

Once Biden’s speech was over, Faulkner fawned over him as if she was working at CNN or MSNBC, rather than Fox.

“We have just watched the president of the United States give his words of kindness and empathy like he does so well. He is iconic at it. So present and so kind,” Faulkner said. “In these times, those words may not mean yet a lot to those children, Logan and Abigail. The president used some big words. But he was speaking to the family of officer Billy Evans and to those children to think ahead in the future his words will come into focus for them.”

“Billy Evans left a legacy with those children, and in the last few minutes, you could see before the president spoke and then after as he walked by to again give his condolences to the family sitting there at the top left of your screen,” she added. “Abigail had dropped something on the floor and the president bent down. You watched it. We watched it together, bent down to pick it up to give it to her and her brother Logan sitting next to her sitting between adult family members there.”

“Consoler-in-chief is a role that every president unfortunately plays in America,” Faulkner concluded. “And we watched this moment of grief and we feel for the family and we understand the sacrifice because we have watched it play out. We know the meaning of law enforcement in our lives. Particularly at the U.S. Capitol.”