Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean called for Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to be impeached today, claiming that he covered up the death toll in nursing homes because “he had a book to sell, a $4 million book.”

While appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Dean said that Cuomo “would go on these interviews on television, when they would finally ask him the question about the nursing homes, he would give false information and he knew all along he was lying. So why did he and his top aides, including Melissa DeRosa, go to such great lengths to make sure that no one would find out the real total of the deaths? I think it’s because it’s criminal and he had a book to sell, a $4 million book.”

Not stopping there, Dean called on lawmakers to take action.

“Our lawmakers in Albany need to do something,” she added. “This whitewash of an impeachment is ridiculous. Go in there today and get it done. There are at least four investigations into this governor. How much more do you need to get him out?”

This comes a day after Dean said she feels relief to see the tide finally start to turn against Cuomo after she spent nearly a year being “beaten down” as she desperately fought against him.

“I feel like all of these months, close to a year now, it feels like it finally is happening, that all of the things we’ve been yelling about and trying to shine a light on, it’s finally happening,” Dean told Fox News. “I really feel like he should go to jail. And all these people surrounding him that covered this up for so many months, they should go to jail.”

Dean has been fighting to get justice for her in-laws, who both died in New York nursing homes.

“It’s like I just have to think that my in-laws had a purpose. I always say, like, we’re on the side of the angels and you can’t deny that,” she said. “I feel like they’ve always helped me this whole year… just to give me the strength to continue to go on.”

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“And, you know, people made fun of me in the beginning, even the Cuomo administration… like she’s nothing but the weather girl and what does she know?” Dean continued. “You know, sometimes the weather girl gets it right. And I do want justice for them. They deserve it.”