Now that Donald Trump is not the main focus of their coverage, CNN has been cast adrift by 50 to 60 percent of their viewers. This will anger advertisers and result in less ad revenue going to the leftist news organization. It is so bad there, insiders say, the network could go under.

Part of the reason for the potential demise is that after four years of raging against the machine, CNN and other liberal outlets now want complete conformity from the press and public. No one must challenge the sanctity of any word put out by Democrats and the Biden administration, lest they be called racist, sexist, or transphobic by CNN. But after four years of shoving the rage genie out of the bottle, it’s not so easy putting her back in.

It’s even worse for CNN with the vital 25-54 demographic. These consumers make major purchases and are in the prime of their allure as potential customers. CNN has lost them by 60 percent and climbing. Apparently, viewers do not appreciate one trick ponies as news outlets.

FNC: “CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers since President Biden took office, with ratings down more than 50 percent in multiple categories since Inauguration Day. The liberal network spent years attacking former President Donald Trump and the network thrived during his final days in office amid a brief post-election spike. CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers during the first three weeks of 2021, but it has averaged just one million viewers since Biden took office, a staggering decline of 54 percent.

“CNN’s struggles are even more prominent among the key advertising demographic of adults age 25-54, with a drop of 60 percent. It averaged 617,000 demo viewers from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day but only 244,000 since Biden entered the White House.

“CNN’s liberal primetime hosts Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon haven’t been able to keep their audiences under the new administration, either. CNN averaged 3.1 million viewers from 8-11 p.m. from Dec. 28 through Inauguration Day but only 1.4 million since for a whopping 55-percent decline. Over the same time period, CNN’s primetime lineup lost 63 percent of its viewers among the crucial demo.”

“No. I’m not worried about it … Trump was a horrible person. And he was terrible for the country. And it is better for all — for the world that he is no longer the President of the United States,” said CNN anchor Don Lemon. “So if that means that cable news ratings go down? Aww. So I’m not really that concerned about it. I would prefer that my ratings go down and Trump not be in office than my ratings be sky-high and him be there. That’s the honest truth.” Nope, he’s lying. He wants both, but ratings much more. It’s going to get worse for Lemon, Cooper, Cuomo, and the rest of the CNN crew. Viewers are dumb, but just maybe, they are beginning to wake up.