CNN host Chris Cuomo spoke out on Friday to outrageously claim that if police were killing the children of white people, “this would have ended a long time ago.”

Cuomo said this while talking about the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo with his colleague Don Lemon.

“I like seeing black and white together,” Cuomo said, according to Newsweek. “I like seeing old and young. I like seeing constituencies coming together even if they don’t share the same experience. When they get loud and yell at the police and how angry they are.”

“Nobody says everything you are supposed to say is polite, and anybody who felt that way lost that privilege after January 6th when they did not speak about what happened there,” he added. “They are taking a knee, and they are polite. When they start yelling how this is a 13-years-old kid, and he turned and had no gun in his hands, how is that right? They have every right to yell and be angry about it. I would argue if you are not angry and you are not outraged, it doesn’t have the energy that catches the ear of those in power.”

“You know what would be great?” Lemon responded. “Look, I like to see diversity too and people together, black and white whatever it is. But wouldn’t it be great if it is all middle-aged white guys out there to say this to stop. Can you imagine?”

“If it were people like me whose kids were getting shot by cops, this would have ended a long time ago,” Cuomo continued.

“Or never started,” said Lemon. “I know people say, oh, white people get killed by cops. If it is wrong, it is wrong. It does not matter what color they are. People take videos. You see the videos of white people getting stopped by cops and running over them and dragging them around and still living.”