If the Biden administration cares for ordinary Americans, it has a funny way of showing it. Just to flip briefly through one issue, while Biden and his circus co-stars continue to restrict Americans’ freedoms wherever they can, ostensibly due to the CCP virus, they have zero concern about that insipid virus crossing our southern border unimpeded. If nothing else shows this “pandemic” isn’t about a health crisis, Biden and his so-called Border Czar Harris’s negligence on this issue does.

But the CCP virus is not the only danger the Biden administration is allowing to invade the U.S. Law enforcement authorities are seeing more suspected MS-13 members slipping into the country. Some authorities are bracing for MS-13, no surprise, to make a resurgence, as has happened with past surges of unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants.

Epoch Times reporter Charlotte Cuthbertson reported McAllen, Texas has absorbed the most unaccompanied minors since 2014, about 20,000. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton worries about an increase in gang activity. Paxton told the Times, “We’ve already shown from the past that some of these unaccompanied minors end up in MS-13.” He’s particularly concerned about increasing gang activity in schools, such as in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, where “regular kids having to be around these gang members.”

AG Paxton’s concerns aren’t unwarranted. MS-13 gang members have been convicted of some of the most brutal murders in the United States. Not unexpected from a gang whose motto is, “Kill, Rape, Control.” MS-13 crime has been reported nationwide. Five suspected MS-13 gang members, aged 16 to 21, allegedly viciously murdered a 16-year-old girl in Maryland after luring her to a secluded location.

According to ABC News, in 2019, Suffolk County, NY. law enforcement took down 96 MS-13 gang members. They charged the members with 77 counts of conspiracy to commit murder, firearms violations, and drug offenses. Authorities said this multi-agency operation has left MS-13 on Long Island “inoperable.” But, with Gov. Cuomo, another Democrat circus performer, opening his arms wide to embrace Biden’s illegal aliens, MS-13 could return and bring their special brand of terror back to Long Island.

In fact, on April 14th, 2021, FOX News reported, “Four alleged MS-13 gang members who were under federal investigation were taken into custody on Wednesday after New York Police Department (NYPD) officers saw them carrying a long object and followed them to discover the suspicious-looking item was actually a woman’s body wrapped in a blanket.”

Is this incident a part of the resurgence people such as Texas AG Paxton fear, or is this merely a continuation of MS-13’s routine barbaric activities? It doesn’t matter, does it? Either way, it shows that the gang is still active in the United States and will only continue to proliferate as long as a weak-on-crime Democrat administration refuses to apply the laws equally for all Americans. And as long as it continues to allow foreigners, including suspected gang members and terrorists, to illegally cross virtually unimpeded into our once sovereign country.