Gavin Newsom is a drowning politician. Anybody in politics can feel it. His days in office are numbered. So like politicians in bunkers from 1945 to 2021, he’s flailing about wildly looking for any move to hold on to power. For Hitler is was non-existent armored divisions. Trump counted on shysters Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. In deeply racist California, Newsom thought he could use tokenism, promising to only name a black female to the Senate if Diane Feinstein resigns.

One problem, Feinstein is in fine fettle and is not going anywhere for at least 4 years. Though there is a DC rumor floating about that her husband wants an ambassadorship. So Newsom tried to politically bury Feinstein while she is still very much alive. Dumb move, blatant pandering. He did it to distract attention away from the recall effort that has recently garnered enough signatures to eventually drive him from office. He tried to change the subject. He did that after he tried and failed with the usual Democrat tactic of blaming the entire recall on “racism’, though Newsom is whiter than Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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The interesting sub story? He was taken to task on this by Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter. One doubts Christine draws a breath without first getting clearance from mom. So that may mean Nancy Pelosi has already thrown Newsom to the wolves. How very amusing.

FNC: “California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing criticism for trying to save face after he appeared to throw Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., under the bus earlier this week when he pledged to appoint a Black woman to fill her Senate seat should she step down. Christine Pelosi, a former executive for the state Democratic Party, called it a ‘very bad look’ for Newsom, whom she hinted was attempting to defend himself against a recall effort to force him from office. Wednesday marks the deadline for recall organizers to gather signatures.”

“By dangling Feinstein’s seat, Newsom hopes to shore up support as he enters a challenging year,” former Feinstein comms aide Gil Duran wrote. “The only problem: Feinstein has four years left in this term.”

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Newsom spewed racist and sexist nonsense, as he promised to name a senator only on the basis of race and gender. “I have multiple names in mind. We have multiple names in mind,” Newsom said about black women during the interview.

Then Christine Pelosi struck and he hurriedly backtracked. But too late pal. “It was a hypothetical. I hope she serves out her entire term,” Newsom said. “She’s a magnificent, extraordinary person and, and I think there’s been a little too much punditry around her current term. And I think we all do a lot better if we move away from it.” Dear lord, that was cringeworthy. Yup, dead man walking.