Senator Pat Toomey Hits Chuck Todd On Georgia Bill And HR1

Toomey remains the best senator we have.

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Senator Pat Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, Sunday again proved why he is the sharpest member of the Senate in either party. The solidly conservative Toomey has his own mind, so media leftists like Chuck Todd think they can get him to go south on issues. Not a bright move for Todd, as it viciously backfired on him.

FNC: “NBC’s Chuck Todd tried to get Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., to criticize his own party over voting rights on Sunday during an appearance on ‘Meet the Press,’ but the Republican instead told the liberal host there is a ‘completely false narrative about so-called voter suppression.’ Todd told the Republican senator that he wanted to ask about the voting rights issue, but first played footage of Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., suggesting the GOP refused to stand for voting rights.”

Todd: “I want to separate HR-1 from the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Do you believe there is enough… there are ten Republicans to do an updated version of the Voting Rights Act, something that used to be fairly easy to get done in a bipartisan way? I know the issues with HR-1, and I’m trying to separate the two. Where are you on this.” More than once Todd tried to change the subject or obfuscate the issue. But Toomey wouldn’t let him off the hook.

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Toomey: “The Democrats have been driving this message on HR-1. And I think we ought to be asking our Democratic colleagues why are they so insistent that we not have any mechanism to verify that a person seeking to vote is, in fact, the person that they say they are. Why are they so insistent that people ought to be able to go ballot harvesting, maybe go through a nursing home and get a couple hundred ballots that just happen to be whatever they are,” Toomey said.

“There is a completely false narrative about so-called voter suppression.” The Senator said in Georgia there is “no voter suppression” despite what Democrats claim. He’s right. Because if there was such voter suppression, how did the Democrats pick up 2 senate seats?

“Sunday voting is still allowed. There’s an expansion of in-person voting, there’s no requirement that you have a reason for a mail-in ballot,” Toomey continued. “This has been a false narrative entirely, Chuck, and I’m afraid it’s all about getting rid of the filibuster. We’re not going to be cowed by being called racist over a policy that has nothing to do with race.” Perfect. Nobody better at making liberals look bad. Nobody. The man would make a great president.

“We should be honest about this, we made very dramatic, sweeping changes to accommodate the circumstances of a global pandemic, that had huge implications, and some of those sweeping changes include provisions that are really, actually tough to verify the accuracy of the vote and we have an awful lot of Americans who are worried about the integrity of the system,” Toomey said. “So, some commonsense measures like requiring an ID to get an absentee ballot or to vote, that just makes a lot of sense.”

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