California Democrats are a vicious bunch. As one of their own, Governor Gavin Newsom, is walking the road to political oblivion, the knives are out amongst fellow Democrats to replace him. California Democrat US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not want that to happen, as she has the Ken doll governor firmly under her thumb.

So Pelosi has sent out a warning, a shot across the bow, to state Democrats who are already dancing a jig on Newsom’s political grave and are getting ready to run against him in the recall election: Don’t.

FNC: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday and rejected any notion that Democrats should run a back-up candidate as an insurance policy during Newsom’s likely recall election later this year. Pelosi suggested the recall effort is being funded by backers of former President Donald Trump and said Democrats should all help Newsom stay in office. Backers of Newsom’s recall effort needed 1.5 million valid signatures from California residents by March 17 to trigger a special election later this year. Organizers of the effort say they turned in 2.1 million signatures by the deadline. Election officials have until April 29 to validate the signatures for a final tally, but the governor has acknowledged the effort was likely successful to force an election.”

Pelosi: “I think it’s an unnecessary notion. I don’t even think it rises to the level of an idea…I think that the governor will defeat this quite successfully, and we’ll all help him do that…The governor will defeat this initiative, he will continue to be governor and he’ll go on to another victory in the election.”

The key word here is “unnecessary.” Knowing Pelosi, that means very necessary to others who want to be governor. Not even an idea means not an idea you should be pondering unless you want to Manolo Blahnik up your caboose.

Pelosi understands that Newsom is so unpopular that Democrats cannot afford to divide their votes between two or more candidates. All must support Newsom, which means she had to issue the warning because some do not. You don’t fire a warning shot if there is no imminent threat.

Above you also see she’s already trying to tie the recall election to Trump. Thus she and Newsom will campaign on anything except his job as governor of California. It’ll be about Trump, Covid, phony climate issues, and a plethora of other non-germane subjects. Because to campaign on his record as governor means a certain defeat.

But other Democrats, who smell blood in the water, and Republican challenger Kevin Faulconer may not be so easy to throw off the scent. Newsom is in for a hard ride, no matter what Pelosi warns.