The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore launched what can only be described as a racist attack on white Republicans on Wednesday when he claimed that they are “having a hard time” becoming a minority in the United Stats.

Moore made this outrageous comment while appearing on MSNBC to discuss the passing of the coronavirus stimulus bill.

“I’m just so happy to be in this moment here in the last few minutes and what has happened in Congress,” he said. “It’s such a historic moment. I think in the next few weeks, people, the average Americans, will see the coming results of this. They are going to feel it. They are going to feel government helping them in a profound way.”

Moore went on to bring up former President Donald Trump, who is one of his favorite people to bash.

“Trump and Republicans have always done well with the white working class and not just the white working class the white vote,” Moore said. “No Democratic president has won the white vote since Truman except Lyndon Johnson in the landslide of 64 after President Kennedy was assassinated and Bill Clinton in his second election. That’s it. Everybody in-between Truman and now, other than those two examples, have lost the white vote. So white people, yes, but that is not the country we live in anymore. We live in a much more diverse country. It’s on its way to being majority-minority. In other words, white people will be the minority in the 2040s. A lot of people are having a hard time with that, but it is just the truth. That’s where it is at.”

“When we say working class, I the really want to point this out,” he added. “The majority of working-class, minimum wage employees are women, women and people of color and young people. Three very large groups of voters who have really very little interest in voting for the Republicans.”

Moore has spent the past four years viciously attacking Trump and everyone who supported him. If his latest attack on Republicans is not an example of racism, I don’t know what is.