Ever wonder where really dumb left wing voters come from? Well, most college students, like most people, are apolitical. They parrot whatever is socially easiest for them to say. So when a college, or any organization, creates an environment where the hard left is the path of least resistance most people will fall in line because most people, of any ideology, are intellectually lazy. So it is at Berea College in Kentucky. Racism and Bolshevik ideology hold sway there.

FNC: “A Kentucky college is scheduled to host an event critical of Donald Trump and associating the former president and ‘white citizenship’ with terrorism. A flyer obtained by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) describes the event as a way to ‘resituate Trumpism and white citizenship as forms of white terrorism enacted against the majority of people living within the borders of the U.S. and beyond.’ Titled ‘White citizenship as terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again,’ the event is set to take place on March 17 via Zoom, according to a page on Berea College’s website. The Women’s and Non-Gender Non-Conforming Center is sponsoring the session with the Law, Ethics, and Society at the college. The flyer also takes a critical approach to the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. ‘Despite calls for multiculturalism and color-blindness, segments of white America mourn their so-called loss of privilege, consistently begging to return to the nostalgic past in which their esteemed value as white citizens went unquestioned,’ ” it reads.

“Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ appears to follow suit by offering a seemingly benign promise to return America to a previously ‘great’ past. But the offer to ‘Make America Great Again, Again,’ requires we refocus on how the last four years of daily tweets and administrative actions redefine whiteness. If terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to create a state of fear towards particular communities and identities, then this is what ‘Trumpism’ is at its core.” So objective, so educational, such mindless tripe.

Berea defended the event in a statement to Fox News Thursday. “To some, the provocative title of the event implies that Berea is not a welcoming place for individuals with differing political views. That is not true. At Berea, we strive to live out our motto: God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth. Berea accepts students of all faiths (or none at all), religious beliefs, ethnicities and political leanings, creating a diverse environment that encourages acceptance, respect and even appreciation across our differences,” it added.

Ah yes, insulting white people and 70 million voters is “acceptance, respect, and appreciation.” Berea is lying. It is not a school. It is an ideological labor camp.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on March 13, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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