Kamioner: DC Should Not Be A State

It already has too much representation.

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Among the more noxious aspects of HR1, now SR1 as it moved to the Senate, is a provision that advances the progress of statehood for the District of Columbia. This is done solely to add 2 Democrat senators to those already in the Senate. A couple of House members, at least, would also be grafted on. This is a very bad idea because DC to date has such absurd power, to give it anything more would only further burden the American people with hard left voting members of Congress and carved out Washington, DC perks.

Case in point. I live close to DC. It’s an easy commute and since I’ve lived here over the years I’ve been there countless times for work and pleasure. I also smoke cigars. In DC, as opposed to Maryland where I live, there is no cigar tax. This sticks are significantly less expensive. Ok, fine, right? Well…

DC also spends millions of dollars a year on public health programs asking people to stop smoking tobacco of any kind. Seems to fly in the face of the low tax? Nope, not if you understand DC. Because many political types love cigars it carves itself out a little hypocritical perk. It does that a lot in many other matters that Americans outside of DC pay for. As such, if DC had statehood, it would only be giving the national political class their own personal legislative valets in Congress.

DC has also defaced one of their streets with a giant Black Lives Matter sign painted into the pavement. So it has no problem honoring racist terrorists as long as they are of a leftist politically approved race. This is the kind of voting DC would bring to Congress. Radical, racist, and wrong.

DC itself was built on a deal worked out by the Founders. The Compromise of 1790 was a pact between Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. In it, Hamilton got the national government to pay the state debts and Jefferson and Madison got the national capital located in the South, though DC is really in a border area. The deal resolved an impasse in Congress. Southerners were blocking the assumption of state debts by the treasury, thereby hamstringing the Hamiltonian program that was attempting to build a fiscally strong federal government. Northerners had rejected the proposal, much desired by leading Virginian Founders, to locate the permanent national capital on the Virginia–Maryland border. So, everybody was happy with the deal until now, as Democrats try to pull a raw power grab to give the Imperial City, and the so-called “Magic Circle” around it, more power at the expense of the rest of the country.

DC also, of course, through its very status as the national Capitol, has oversized and tremendous influence in the course of American affairs. In that way it is not only already represented. It is overrepresented.

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Like so many other parts of SR1, the politically obscene monstrosity that it is, McConnell will have to pull out a lot of rabbits from his legendary bag of tricks to stop DC statehood. From that issue to worse in the bill, implore the heavens he is successful.

David Kamioner
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David Kamioner is a veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence and an honors graduate of the University of Maryland's European Division. He also served with the Pershing Nuclear Brigade and the First Infantry Division. Subsequent to that he worked for two decades as a political consultant, was part of the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort in Louisiana, ran a homeless shelter for veterans in Philadelphia, and taught as a college instructor. He serves as a Contributing Editor for LifeZette.

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