On Wednesday morning’s episode of “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough accused Senator Josh Hawley of being “responsible” for the Capitol riot that took place in January. He said this in response to FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony about what went down at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, with Scarborough saying that Hawley was to blame for the “insurrection.

Scarborough claimed that Republican lawmakers are “embarrassed” by the way Hawley is “trying to undermine the FBI investigation” with his questioning.

“[I]’m sure the other senators — even a lot of Republican senators — had to be disgusted by the fact that the guy who was responsible for the killings on that day, for police officers being brutalized with an American flag, for a police officer being held down and beaten almost to death and believing that he was never going to get home and see his children again, for a police officer having his head bashed repeatedly in a door by Hawley mobs, by Trump mobs, by Cruz mobs, you know, these insurrectionists need to be thrown in jail and kept for maximum sentence,” Scarborough said.

“They need to spend 20 years in jail. I’m sure Mitch McConnell was embarrassed,” he added. “I’m sure Mitt Romney was embarrassed. I’m sure other Republicans were embarrassed that they actually had somebody in their own caucus that was trying to undermine the FBI investigation of an insurrection, Josh Hawley was responsible for. And again, it’s as close as political allies that are saying that, not me. Though I am saying it, yes. But they were the ones who said it first.”

This came days after Scarborough attacked Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for slamming elites during their speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this past weekend, saying that the senators went to Ivy League schools.

“It’s so funny these anti-elitists, as they like to call themselves … you had Ted Cruz, Mr. Anti-elitist who went to Princeton and Harvard. You have Josh Hawley who went to Yale and then Stanford,” Scarborough said, according to The Hill. “You lie so shamelessly. You’re all Ivy League brats.”

Once a Republican himself, Scarborough now spends virtually every show of his ranting and raving against conservatives.