The illegal aliens have it made. They really do. They have every opportunity to achieve the American Dream and have more freedom than any American citizen in the 50 states and territories.

I want to be an illegal alien because they have everything that the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence promises the rest of us who are living here legally.

Life, liberty and and the pursuit of happiness – those are guarantees that currently elude us under Democratic tyranny, especially in the past year during the lockdowns. But those things are there for the taking for illegal aliens. And if they live in a Democrat-run city and state, they can really hit the benefit jackpot.

Free health care.

No income taxes.

Free housing.

Free legal services.

Free education.

Jobs paying cash.

Child benefits.

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Free food.

They can enter the country with any disease, even COVID-19, and are free to move about the country.

They can enter the country even if they are a criminal.

They can continue their illegal enterprises, including sex and drug trafficking because democrats will protect them from a bevy of crimes in sanctuary cities and states.

And, of course, the whole reason they are treated so special…They will having voting rights as soon as the Democrats can make it a reality.

Between the government, churches and charities all over the country, they have the needs of illegals covered. As Fox News reported in 2019, illegal aliens are a “net consumer of taxpayer benefits worth more than 100 billion a year” and that doesn’t even include the cost of enforcing the border. 

Of course, we have bargain basement prices on that right now under Biden. Enforcement money can be re-directed to pay for attorneys, basketball courts, Biden t-shirts, high end mattresses and all kinds of other amenities at the border and afterwards.

It’s going to be a bonanza of illegal alien handouts for the rest of the Biden administration.

But why the heck not? 

Just because illegal aliens haven’t paid into Social Security and Medicare all of their life, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to receive those things after Biden gives them amnesty. 

And maybe they haven’t served our nation in the military but they sure as heck deserve to be supported just for being here. 

Illegal aliens MUST be rewarded for bravely breaking into the country to become a Democrat voter.

Can you imagine how great OUR lives could be if we were allowed all of the same freedoms and opportunities that illegal aliens get in our country? 

How much easier would your life be if you weren’t burdened with paying for your own basic necessities and didn’t have to follow the laws and regulations of your local, state and federal government?

As American citizens, we might have been promised that we have unalienable rights but you have to be an alien to actually get them.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on March 8, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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