On Tuesday, businesses in the great state of Texas were finally allowed to open at 100% capacity, if they chose to do so. Fox News host Will Cain went viral the next day as he gleefully celebrated the reopening at a packed Texas diner.

Cain was at Bill Smith’s Cafe in McKinney, Texas, for a Breakfast with Friends event when he appeared on “Fox & Friends” via livestream.

“Let me show you what 100% capacity looks like,” a visibly excited Cain said. “This is freedom right here.”

Cain later spoke to another patron who said that states never should have gone into complete lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Here in Texas, we probably closed down a little too tight,” he said. “Gov. Abbott has changed. You look at New York and California, they have stuck with the lockdown process. [Gov. Ron] DeSantis in Florida left his state very wide open, had a high percentage of at-risk people, and performed well.”

At another point in the segment, Cain talked to criminal defense attorney Roland Monteros, who urged leaders to let Americans make their own personal decisions.

“Assess the situation and think for yourself,” Monteros said. “Like Rush Limbaugh wanted us to do. Think for yourself. Don’t do what Rush would do. Don’t do what you think Walt Disney would do. Do what you would do after you assess the situation. Think for yourself.”

Another person who Cain spoke to was a retired New York City police sergeant named Gus, who said he left New York to move to Texas a decade ago. When asked what brought him to Texas, Gus replied, “I like my guns, and I lean a certain way, and I came here to assimilate.”

As for whether or not people should wear masks, Cain thinks that’s a personal decision that individuals should be allowed to make themselves.

“People treat people as adults, not children, and they’ll make adult decisions,” he said. “Responsible decisions.”

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This comes one week after Abbott announced the reopening, saying, “Texas is in a far better position now than when I issued my last executive order back in October.”

“It is their business, and they get to choose to operate their business the way they want to,” the Texas governor added. “At this time, however, people and businesses don’t need the state telling them how to operate.”