CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter spoke out on Sunday to blast Fox News host Tucker Carlson, describing him as the “new Donald Trump.”

“I have come to one conclusion about the GOP and the media,” Stelter said. “I want to see you if agree or disagree with me. Even though republicans are out of power, the use of the media, their use of the media has a major impact on the Democrats and on political dysfunction. So what I’m about to say directly impacts President Biden and his administration. All right, are you ready for it? Here is my conclusion. Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump.”

Not stopping there, Stelter proceeded to attack Carlson even more.

“Tucker has taken Trump’s place as a right-wing leader, as an outrage generator as a fire-starter, and it’s all happing on Fox, just as Trump’s campaign did,” Stelter continued. “Which means Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are ultimately responsible. Think about all of the ways these two men are similar. Every day, Carlson is throwing bombs, making online memes, offending millions of people also delighting millions of others, tapping into White male rage and resentment, stoking distrust of big tech and the media, generally coarsening the discourse, never apologizing for anything and setting the GOP’s agenda. Sounds like a recently retired president, right?”

“He tells the same conspiratorial us verses them story that Trump told, the same they’re out to get you story that Trump told for years. It is the paranoid style in American politics all over again,” he added. “Tucker now soaks up some of the same social media fury that Trump did. He stokes the same debates that Trump did.”

CNN political analyst April Ryan agreed with Stelter, calling Carlson’s program a “deadly witches brew” that Fox “should be ashamed” of.

“Everyone cares about Tucker Carlson, the entertainers’ attacks. He’s a thorn in Biden’s side, a thorn in everyone’s side,” Ryan said. “He is stirring a deadly witch’s brew in his cauldron all for the purposes of gaining more attention and more people, which translates to money for Fox. Tucker Carlson has put a lot of people’s lives on the line for his entertainment purposes.”

“You can’t ignore it because the numbers are so great when they come at you,” she added. “But what you do, again, in order to save your life, you have to speak on it and call it out to show people what is happening. This is inhumane what he’s doing, and a judge had to rule over Tucker Carlson when his attorney talked about him. He’s not a news reporter. He’s an entertainer. This entertainment is deadly, and Fox should be ashamed of it. And we saw the threats that came into reality on January 6 because of a brew — a poisonous witches brew was stirred up over there.”