Anti-Racism Racists and Other Modern Orwellian Notions

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The Left’s racist “anti-racism” formula is absurd. Yet the Left is getting away with it in so many school districts and other government, corporate, and cultural venues. First, exempt yourself from being labeled a racist in one of two ways. Be non-white because, according to some lefties, only white people are capable of racism. Or, if white, become a “white traitor” or “white abolitionist.” Chris Rufo, the gold standard for investigating leftist American public school indoctrination, provides the definitions.

Rufo tweeted, “SCOOP: The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents this ‘tool for action’ which tells them they must become ‘white traitors’ and then advocate for full ‘white abolition.’” Rufo also displays a chart and definitions of “8 White Identities,” with traitor and abolitionist at seven and eight, respectively, as the two top goals for white folks to achieve toward canceling their “whiteness.”

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Try wrapping your head around this concept. You have to become a racist and engage in racism by promoting “anti-whiteness” to become an anti-racist. If you were writing a script for an updated version of George Orwell’s 1984, you could include the anti-racists’ “The 8 White Identities” graphic with no editing needed.

I was forced into an earlier version of this kind of political indoctrination when I was still an active police officer. The city I worked for, Seattle, began politically indoctrinating their city employees, including the cops, over a decade ago (probably two). It was pure political propaganda disguised as police training. There were no defensive tactics, constitutional law reviews, or even crisis intervention training. It was exclusively an attempt to force police officers to alter their political beliefs to conform with city politicians’ views.

For example, if the city sincerely wanted to train officers on how to relate objectively to, let’s say, the entirety of the “black community,” they would have provided a lesson plan that included thought leaders from across the “black spectrum.” But they didn’t (and still don’t). They simply do not consider black conservatives and Republicans as legitimate members of the black community. The Left reserves the term “black community” only for blacks who vote for progressive Democrat policies and candidates.

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If the approach would have been fair, including both sides, as cops, we might have at least understood it. Still, it would have been condescending to those officers with sincerely held opposing political beliefs.

The syllabus did not include black scholars from across the political spectrum. The city made it clear, black officers were not allowed to be conservatives—actually, neither were cops of any race or ethnicity. A balance would have included the writings of people such as Cornel West vs. Shelby Steele, Tavis Smiley vs. Clarence Thomas, or Henry Louis Gates Jr. vs. Thomas Sowell. But, no, they included only the words of leftist black activists/academics.

To prove the point, while researching this column, I came across a website, thebestschools.org. They had an article titled, “20 Black Scholars You Should Know,” presumably a resource for prospective college students. On their list, not one of the black conservative intellectual giants I mentioned was included. However, the list was chockfull of critical race theorists, socialists, and Marxists.

How can a society fix “racism” by reversing the historical racism that has been largely conquered? Think about the term anti-racist being used by people who accuse everyone of a particular race of being racist. Today, to deny racism is to confess to being a racist. That is the diabolical genius of the Left’s unconscious bias paradigm. You are a racist even if you don’t know it—especially if you don’t know it, and worse, there is nothing you can do about it. I’m right; you’re wrong… NahNah. Oh, and if you speak out against their obvious racism, you are… yup, a racist.

When my department began its political indoctrination in earnest more than a decade ago, a fellow officer of mixed race (black and white), a good cop, who leaned politically left, unusual for a street cop, went to the indoctrination before I did. He knew how I felt about the “training.” So, when I ran into him at the precinct after his class, he looked at me with a straight face and said the training was all about, “hate whitey.”

When it was my turn to attend the political indoctrination day camp, I saw what he meant. After our (police officer) instructors apologized for what they were about to “teach” us, the class began. They conducted it in such a way that officers had to take part. After each presentation, they would give officers false choices to answer about our thoughts regarding an issue. Then they’d ask officers to categorize their answers within those restrictive choices. Disagreeing with the biased premise didn’t matter. They may as well have just asked us, “On a scale of one to 10, how racist are you?”

In an article I wrote for our police union newspaper back in 2010, which also appeared in my 2018 book, De-Policing America, I asked, “Well, at what point do we say, ‘Hell no!’ to the indoctrination? In its early, weaker stages, or later when the infection has spread, and the disease is harder to cure?” It seems the Left is answering that question for us every single day. Perhaps, we should have done more back then.

Consider how tyrannical it’s gotten for America’s cops, evinced by a bill introduced by Democrat California State Assembly Member Ash Karla. According to Marmee Rooke at The Federalist Papers, “the California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act or CLEAR Act seeks to stop the hiring or prevent the continued employment of police officers who engaged in ‘hate speech’ or participated in a ‘hate group.’” Sounds reasonable, right? But what’s their definition of “hate speech” and “hate groups?”

This is where we run into the Left’s penchant for redefining established views and then attacking people based on the new, false, definition. This is a not-so-veiled attempt to make ineligible for a law enforcement career the religiously observant and conservatives. Rooke also wrote, “Essentially if you hold even mildly conservative views on gay marriage, transitioning teens [child abuse], or American race relations, you are disqualified from being a police officer in California.”

Understand that if you fall outside of the Left’s totalitarian political doctrine, such as, you attended a Trump rally or fly a Thin Blue Line flag outside of your house, you’re out as a cop. And if you’re a religious conservative thinking about becoming a cop, forget about it. To echo Rooke’s conclusion, good luck finding sufficient law enforcement candidates from the rolls of the flaccid, triggered leftists who despise police officers and who don’t have the constitution or courage to do the dangerous work cops are required to do.






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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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