This past year’s acceleration of anti-police vitriol and violence did not spring from an organic, grassroots uprising against an incident of legitimate police brutality. Instead, we’ve been watching, and continue to watch, manufactured outrage based on provable myths created specifically to direct animosity toward law enforcement.

It’s a brilliant strategy if you have the legacy media endorsing lies and censoring truth. The formula: redefine cops as violent, racist, and hate-filled thugs. Then attack them on that redefinition. And, finally, manufacture outrage at whatever crisis arises you won’t let go to waste.

Dangerous rhetoric coming from some of the most prestigious federal, state, and local Democrats have them bearing some responsibility for the death and destruction wrought this past year. It’s clear that political party is not led by Biden who obviously has trouble stringing a coherent sentence together. It seems more likely former President Barack Obama and his cronies are still at the helm.

According to, a report released by the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), lists that anti-cop violence. The MCCA reported, at least 2,000 police officers were injured in some 574 riots. And that was just between May 25th and July 31, 2020. Many more riots and cops injured and killed would occur between August 2020 and today, March 13, 2021.

As an active Seattle police officer, the Obama administration’s assault on American law enforcement directly affected officers’ careers. Many cops either left the SPD for other more police-friendly jurisdictions, retired prematurely, or left police work entirely. I chose to retire 10 years earlier than I might have. In Seattle, Obama’s anti-cop policies specifically affected Seattle cops’ lives when his DOJ inflicted a bogus federal consent decree, as a part of an attempt to quasi-federalize municipal police officers across America.

For those who did not support President Obama, the one thing they hoped he’d accomplish, but did not, was to further improve race relations, which were not all that bad when he came into office. He did the opposite, and much of the social and cultural damage came at the expense of law enforcement officers.

The former president’s knee jerks faster than a Muay Thai fighter when making accusations of racism against cops. In my new book, written for the National Police Association (NPA), The Obama Gang, we explored President Obama’s anti-police efforts during his administration and its continuation during his post-presidency.

The President, whom I refer to in the book as “the Boss,” seems to operate the Obama Foundation as if he and it were at the head of a political “crime” family. Using the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Pledge to cajole sycophants and acolytes, explicitly and implicitly, to do his anti-cop bidding.

The conglomeration of multi-faceted organizations is a web-covered maze, shrouded in a fog, and pocked with rabbit holes. People have to realize President Obama hasn’t stopped trying to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” In the book, I focus on how the Obama Foundation’s efforts to destroy traditional American policing affects the nation’s cops and those they are sworn to protect and serve.

After all, the Boss and his capos, soldiers, and associates will need the police to implement and enforce their socialist agenda. President Obama is still directing the effort against American law enforcement. Reportedly, some 300 mayors, including 10 of the biggest American cities, have signed onto the “mayor’s pledge,” a four-part oath to “reform” police use of force policies. It proceeds with, as former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy once said about Obama’s DOJ, “a presumption of guilt [against the cops].”

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The late (great) Rush Limbaugh commented on President Obama’s involvement in politics post-presidency shortly before he passed. He said he always thought Obama would have been more visible in his running what some call a “shadow presidency,” including the “Russian hoax” and the “impeachment operation[s]” x2. Though surprised at Obama operating, “silently, quietly, invisibly,” Limbaugh confirmed he was right (of course) about Obama still running things.

Though more nuanced and oblique than many of his crew, President Obama has a history of animus toward law enforcement. For example, he will preface his words with the obligatory “most cops are trying to do the right thing,” type stuff. Then, believing he’d inoculated himself, launch into anti-cop screeds. Everyone knows about his saying, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly,” without all the information. Without evidence, he injected racism into the incident from the moment he spoke publicly about it. There was zero evidence of racism except for accusations from Professor Gates and Obama.

More recently, during a political speech given at the funeral of civil rights icon U.S. Rep. John Lewis, Obama told cops all they need to know about the current status of the former president’s anti-cop core. When referring to the myriad violent riots across the nation, Obama accused America’s cops of using force against protesters. The unmodified word protesters infers the modifier peaceful. The police do not use force against peaceful protesters. This, aside from an occasional anomaly, simply does not happen. Review the plethora of video evidence. The cops use force only in response to violence. For the Left’s preferred version to be true, they first had to redefine “peaceful,” which the legacy media helped them do.

Aside from President Obama’s own words, we have to assume he supports endorses the words and actions of the people he advises. He advocates for these “demonstrators” to “make people in power [including the cops] uncomfortable.” Though he condemned the attack after the fact, Obama made this comment just before a BLM supporting, cop-hating sniper attacked Dallas police officers, killing five of them. Ironically, this occurred while the cops were protecting an actually peaceful BLM demonstration. Investigators reported about the suspect, “he wanted to kill white people.”

To reiterate, it’s important to remember this anti-cop sentiment is not because of a legitimate uprising of pissed-off people. Neither is it random and unorganized. This anti-cop alliance is sophisticated, organized, well-trained, and well-funded. Keep this in mind, even if it is, as Rush Limbaugh told us, silent, quiet, and invisible. Push back and apply pressure peacefully how you can, where you can, when you can. If we don’t speak out and challenge the lies, they will masquerade as the truth. The one thing the Boss and his crew cannot stand is anyone challenging them by pointing out the obvious: that they are wrong.