Today is the one year anniversary of the government’s “15 Days to Slow the Spread” guidelines that the CDC released on the advice of the Fauci-led Coronavirus Task Force.

Tyrannical Governors and local health departments ran with it and issued emergency edicts left and right, locking down businesses and taking away constitutional rights all over the country.

350 days after we were supposed to be released from governmental tyranny, here we are still wearing masks, still quarantining and still restricted from doing many things depending on who your tyrannical Governor is.

So let’s look at the predictions, guidelines, suggestions, recommendations and edicts that the federal, state and local governments came up with over the last year in a year of ignorance and tyranny…

There’s a pandemic across the ocean? Nothing to worry about, says Fauci and Democrats Governor Cuomo and Nancy Pelosi. Go about your business.

Oops. The pandemic is here says Fauci.

Zillions of people are going to die. Hospitals have no supplies or ventilators.

Don’t wear masks

Oops. Wear masks.

Let’s take 15 days to slow the spread. Everyone stay home. No work, no school, no church, no nothing.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Trump comes up with Operation Warp Speed, shipping out supplies and fast-tracking vaccines.

Olympics canceled. Sports canceled. Every event in the United States is canceled.

Okay, you can go out in public a little bit but only to large chains like Walmart, Menards, Target and Home Depot. They are safe. But don’t go to your local mom and pop stores. They have the virus. Let them go bankrupt.

Don’t get cancer treatment or any other health care issues taken care of. You can’t go to the hospital. They are busy with COVID-19 and we can’t bother them.

Don’t worry…Once we get a vaccine, life will return to normal.

Don’t visit your elderly mother in the nursing home.

Sorry, your mom died? You can’t go to your mother’s funeral.

Go outside instead of staying inside.

Wear masks outside.

Don’t take any helpful therapies like Hydroxychloroquine because Trump supports it.

Sorry, you can’t get married with more than five people in attendance.

Sorry, you can’t have more than seven visitors in your own house.

Trump sent us a ship and built a hospital for us? No thanks. Democrats would rather ship COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

Sorry you can’t eat out because restaurants have cooties. You’ll have to get take-out from the restaurants that are still in business.

Order everything you need online and have it delivered. Crush your local businesses and help Amazon’s Jeff Bezos become even richer than he is – and continue to buy more stuff from China, even masks.

No school for your children. Are they depressed? Not getting educated? Committing suicide? We don’t care. We do what the school unions tell us.

Are you fighting for social justice? Don’t worry about rioting and spreading the virus. That’s perfectly fine.

Okay, we’ll let restaurants open again if they only have three people in the building at once. But you’ll have to wear a mask on the walk to your table because the virus is effective at four feet high but not when you sit down.

Are you wearing a mask? You need to wear two masks!

We have vaccines? Great! Keep wearing your mask and stay home. Schools are still closed.

Are you an oppressed illegal alien who want to come to the United States? Come on in! We don’t care if you’re infected with COVID-19. We’ll take you in and ship you across the country.

Are you vaccinated? Stay tuned. We’ll let you know what you can and cannot do.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on March 15, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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