Romney Says Republicans Shouldn’t Criticize Democrats After Big Spending Under Trump

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) spoke out on Tuesday to tell Republicans that they shouldn’t criticize Democrats for spending trillions of dollars on another COVID-19 relief package, saying that it would be disingenuous for them to do so after the big spending that happened under former President Donald Trump.

Romney claimed on the “Utah Politics” podcast that it would be hypocritical of them to do so after not expressing deficit concerns under Trump.

“There’s no question that if you begin doing things which break precedent or break tradition, the other side is going to do that when they’re in charge,” Romney said. “This was before my time in the Senate, but when we’ve put a tax program on that basis that did not require any Democrat votes through reconciliation, we have a difficult time explaining why we’re not happy with what they would be doing at this stage.”

“When we had a Republican president and House and Senate, we kept on spending massively and adding almost a trillion dollars a year to the national debt,” he added. “Now we say this is outrageous, adding so much to the debt? They say we did the same thing when we were in charge. It does show that you have to be consistent in your arguments.”

Romney has spent the past few years building a reputation as one of the biggest “Never Trump” Republicans in Congress. In his new interview, he also talked about how he doubts that Republican and Democrat lawmakers will be finding common ground on much anytime soon.

“At one point he (President Joe Biden) was asked about bipartisanship. He said, you know, the key to bipartisanship isn’t having two parties come together and agree on everything. We are, after all, Democrats and Republicans and we have different points of view,” Romney said, recalling a meeting he had with Biden.

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“Right now, the Democrats don’t need us (Republicans) because they have the House, the Senate and the White House. They can push through whatever the heck they want without a single Republican vote. So this is a difficult time to see if we can reach a compromise,” he added.

Romney doesn’t seem too upset that Democrats are about to have their way with this great country of ours. Perhaps he should consider making this all official, and switching parties.

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