The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore wasted no time in attacking conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh after his death this week. He also bashed Texas, a state that currently has millions without power due to a devastating winter storm.

On his podcast this week, Moore accused Limbaugh of brainwashing people and spreading stupidity.

“His [Rush Limbaugh’s] show was a daily place where people could go to become more stupid and more ignorant,” Moore said. “And the stupider people that can become, the better — the better that those in power can manipulate them, and can control the situation. And my friends, you can’t get more stupid than the state of Texas.”

“It is tragic what we’re witnessing this week in Texas, but it is the result of leaders who I don’t think are so stupid. I think they know exactly what they’ve always been doing,” he continued, going on to accuse them of “trying to make their own people stupid by having a shitty education system.”

“Because Texas buys so many textbooks, no textbook publishing company will publish a school textbook without getting the approval of the Texas board of education and their book committee, their book approval committee,” Moore added, blasting the Texas education system and the fact that the “rest of us have to read what Texas wants their students to read.”

Moore claimed that this increases the “stupidity” of the country.

“The dumbing down of America is helped by this, and dumbing down is what Texas is all about,” Moore said. “You are the state that keeps voting for Republicans. You’re a big Trump state. You’re a state that you supports the politicians who say that climate change is a hoax …  and you reward them by reelecting them over and over again.”

Moore then went full-racist by accusing white people of destroying Texas.

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“White people know time’s up,” Moore said. He addd that white people “continue to do the stupid shit like not in encase their electrical power stations in any kind of cement or anything to protect it from the elements, be it a hurricane, be it a snowstorm.”

Moore concluded his rant by calling on Joe Biden to travel to Texas and address the issues there.

“Watch Texas turn blue in the next election if Biden and the Biden administration does that,” he said.