Joy Behar came unglued on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” as she talked about what she feels the outcome of former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial will be.

“No one is changing their mind. These Republicans would not vote against Donald Trump even if he threw them off of a roof. Literally threw them off a roof!” Behar exclaimed, specifically calling out Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rand Paul (R-KY) in her comments. “They’d be going down, down, down yelling ‘the wind! It was the wind!’ There’s no way to get around this with these people. They do not want to go back to their other jobs, and that’s where they’re at.”

Behar’s cohost Sunny Hostin agreed, saying that “Republicans would really be out of step with a majority of Americans if they don’t vote for conviction. We know that 60% of Americans want a conviction of Donald Trump, 58% want Donald Trump to be barred from ever holding office again.”

Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for allegedly inciting the Capitol riots last month. Conservative “The View” host Meghan McCain said that she supports impeachment, adding that there need to be “ramifications” for what Trump did.

“I’m for impeachment, I made that very clear on the show,” said McCain said. “Politically, Republicans are betting on the fact that impeachment was so unpopular last time around and the American public is going to be focused on COVID-19 and the economy and moving forward and, you know, trying to heal our country in all forms. So it will be interesting to see how politically this plays out.”

Attacking Trump is a favorite pastime of Behar’s and her fellow “The View” cohosts. Back in December, she went so far as to claim that Trump “made it his business for four years to rape this country.”

“Joe Biden has already done a couple of things by going back into the Paris agreement and by canceling the Keystone pipeline. He has other things on his agenda that he is going to do to fix the environment,” Behar said. “This man, this Trump, he made it his business for four years to rape this country. It’s disgusting, and I’m so happy to have somebody who cares about the children back.”