Senator Josh Hawley went on Fox News this week to tell former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee that it is a “total lie” for Democrats to say that he tried to overturn the presidential election.

“There was a sense in which people said you were trying to overturn the election,” Huckabee told him. “If they listened carefully, they would know that you, Senator Cruz, and others, were not trying to overturn an election, but to simply audit the election to see if everything was on the up and up. Why is it that simple message couldn’t get out more clearly?”

“Because I think the liberal media, the leftist mob, didn’t want it to get out,” Hawley replied. “They know now that they are telling lies. When they say Ted Cruz, I, and the House Republicans wanted to overturn an election, they know that’s a lie, a total lie. What we asked for was a Congressional investigation.”

“What I asked for was reform going forward. I said I wanted to force a debate about election integrity going forward because we do need reforms,” he added. “We need to do things like ban third-party ballot harvesting. I said I wanted to force a debate on election integrity going forward.”

The relevant portion of the interview starts at the 1:07 mark:

This comes after Hawley’s wife filed a complaint against the organizer of a protest outside of their home,  according to The Hill. Erin Hawley filed the complaint against Patrick Young, an activist and part of the group ShutDownDC, who was the organizer of the massive protest.

She claimed that she was “frightened” when the protesters were outside, saying they were banging on the door and yelling.

“If a summons has been issued, it is outrageous that a rich and powerful person — a United States senator — can go to their magistrate to get a summons to harass a normal person,” Young said in response.