Trey Gowdy is a good lawyer and was an excellent member of Congress. He’s also a good television host.

That’s why it’s strange his criticism of the House Impeachment Managers misses the entire point. Gowdy admonishes them for choosing the wrong charge with which to impeach the immediately former president.

But it is not, nor has it ever been, about the law, the Constitution, or legal considerations. The Democrats know they have no chance to convict Trump. So this is merely an anti-Trump show and tell that will probably end up in censure, as the limbo poll for that is a simple majority. It would also give some Republicans cover so they can say they voted against the specific incident, not the former president and all his works.

FNC: “House Democrats chose the ‘dumbest of all impeachment articles’ to bring against former President Donald Trump last month, Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy told ‘America Reports’ Monday.” Democrats have prepared their case against the former president on a single article of ‘incitement of insurrection’ at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6.

“I think the Democrats, in their haste to impeach this president for the second time, picked the weakest of their arguments…I’m not suggesting they would’ve been successful on another argument, but a much better argument is, ‘OK, you were surprised the siege took place, what did you do when you learned it was happening?'” Gowdy said. “That’s the better impeachment article: What did the president do once the siege began?”

“They picked the dumbest of all impeachment articles. What the president’s lawyers are going to do is play those clips and say, ‘You know what? If you will start penalizing hot political rhetoric, let’s do it from both sides.'”

In related news, Trump is said to be livid with his impeachment lawyers, especially Bruce Castor, over their first day performance.

FNC: “Former President Trump was ‘furious’ and ‘beyond angry’ over his defense team’s showing on Day One of his second impeachment trial despite his ultimate acquittal almost certain, two sources told Fox News late Tuesday. The sources, who spent time with Trump, said he was particularly incensed with the effort thus far by his attorney Bruce Castor. Trump believes Castor gave a rambling opening argument, they said. Castor’s 45-minute opening remarks were widely panned on social media after he praised the House impeachment managers for a job ‘well done.’ ”

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“The American people just spoke and they just changed administrations,” said Castor during the trial. He said the public is smart enough to “pick a new administration if they don’t like the old one, and they just did.”

Castor’s comment gave the Associated Press the opportunity to run the headline, “Trump Never Conceded He Lost, But His Impeachment Lawyer did.” Ouch.