CNN anchor Don Lemon had a full meltdown on Wednesday night over Republicans being upset about President Joe Biden’s nominee for Office of Management and Budget director Neera Tanden’s mean tweets. He claims that Republicans are hypocrites on this issue because they didn’t criticize tweets made by former President Donald Trump.

“The hypocrisy of the Republican Party is off the charts tonight. And don’t start with me about, ‘Oh, this is liberal.’ I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative. I’m an American,” Lemon claimed. “I don’t belong to any party, okay. But the hypocrisy of the Republican Party is off the charts. I’m going to explain to you why. They are suddenly calling for —get this —civility and bipartisanship. Well, civility from the other guys is what they want. While Republicans continue to slam President Biden’s nominees.”

“It is really rich that Republicans suddenly think that mean tweets disqualify a person from serving in our government,” he added. “Well, a Democratic woman, anyway. When they tolerated the former president’s Twitter wars for years, even though his tweets incited an insurrection, got him permanently banned from Twitter. Now all of a sudden, they care about the mean tweets. This is rich. How many times did we hear them say, ‘Oh, I don’t read tweets?’ Seems like they read them now.”

This came after Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) defended Tanden, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, “Sure, she went overboard when it came to those Twitter accounts and the things that she said. And she said as much and apologized, said she was sorry for what she did in that respect.”

“Think of the barrage of… tweets that we lived with for four years with this president,” Durbin continued. “There were two words not in his vocabulary: ‘I’m sorry.’ She said she was sorry.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Tanden as well on Wednesday, saying, “There’s one nominee to lead the Budget department, her name’s Neera Tanden. And that’s who we’re continuing to fight for.”