The insurrectionists who assaulted the Capitol last week were not planning an insurrection. Seems not to make sense. But it’s true. Yes, many were extremists who would gladly replace the US government with a populist junta. But to do that you need a bit more than flags and funny costumes. Even they likely understood that. Tucker Carlson nails the mob for who they were and what they wanted.


Carlson: “Last week’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol was not an act of racism, nor was it an insurrection. It was not an armed invasion by a brigade of dangerous White supremacists. Those are lies. Why are they demanding that you believe those lies? When your doctor claims that your broken arm is stage IV pancreatic cancer, you need a second opinion. When he demands that you get chemotherapy, you need to run away, because something very dark is going on. Indeed, something dark is going on right now.

What happened last week was not new or unusual. The riot was the perfect illustration of why we should oppose all mob action. Left uncontrolled, mobs boil over, violence erupts, and people get killed. That has happened many times through human history. That’s the way mobs are. Wise leaders know that, and it’s why they don’t encourage mobs.”

Carlson has been reading his Burke. A mob is a mob and just because one may agree with it on some issues does not make it any less a vicious collective bent on destruction. A conservative should comprehend that. Some do.

“We had hoped that everyone in Washington had learned that lesson, but of course, they haven’t. Instead, they’re trying to use this moment to increase their own power, so they’re lying about what you saw. They’re calling it a precisely orchestrated coup attempt. They’re telling you the Chewbacca guy you saw on video, the guy with the painted face and the Viking hat, was actually the leader of some super secret commando unit here to overthrow our government…It’s absurd and insulting, yet it’s working. What happened last week is being used to justify the most sweeping crackdown on civil liberties and free speech in the history of this country. You shouldn’t be surprised, however. We lived through something similar that showed the template for what they’ll do and what they plan to do.”

He’s right. The mob that assaulted the Capitol has inadvertently put a hammer into the hands of leftists and authoritarian socialists. They now think they have the rationale and moral authority to ban any speech they don’t like as “seditious” and “insurrectionist.” They didn’t have that power before the assault on the Capitol. The Democrats and leftists had to rely on PC blather and Marxist posturing. No longer. They have a much more effective weapon as of late.