Democrats are currently rushing to impeach President Donald Trump after the riots in the Capitol last week. However, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, has spoken out to say that impeachment is “clearly not going to happen.”

While appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Blunt was asked, “Are Republican leaders going to hold him accountable in any way for it?”

“I think the country is is the right to hold presidents accountable,” Blunt replied. “The president should be very careful over the next 10 days is that his behavior is what you would expect from the leader of the greatest country in the world. My personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again.”

“I did, the day Senator Hawley announced he would be contesting those electoral votes, announced that I would not be,” he added. “When Senator Cruz said he had a plan to put back in place a commission like the one formed in 1877, I said that wouldn’t happen. I wasn’t interested then or now in spending a lot of time on things that can’t happen just like the impeachment of the president to remove him from office clearly is not going to happen between now and the last day he is in office.”

“As Nancy Pelosi just said and Jim Clyburn said earlier today, this is more about a long-term punishment of the president than trying to remove him from office,” Blunt continued.

This came after House Majority Whip James Clyburn admitted that House Democrats may wait until Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office to send articles of impeachment for Trump to the Senate.

“We’ll take the vote that we should take in the House, and [Pelosi] will make the determination as to when is the best time to get that vote and get the managers appointed and move that legislation over to the Senate,” Clyburn (D-SC) said. “It just so happens that if it didn’t go over there for 100 days, it could – let’s give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running, and maybe we’ll send the articles sometime after that.”