Republican Views On The Assault On The Capitol

They vary widely.

Republican views on the attack on the Capitol seem to fall into three categories. Some abhor the attack and now the president, like this analyst. Some criticize the assault, but still support the president. Some applaud the attack on the Capitol and the president. It will be interesting to see how these views are resolved within the Republican Party, if they can be. Here are some of those wide-ranging views.

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Lisa Pendleton of Pennsylvania, “The people taking part in the riots are not Republicans. Those people were extremists. I was shocked and horrified about what I saw. I’m very afraid for the future of our country.”

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Republican media adviser Monty Warner of DC, “I’m glad the Capitol Police Chief resigned. What occurred — and was allowed to occur — was beyond inexcusable. The lack of preparedness or even pre-event concern is symptomatic of how dysfunctional and inept Washington is.”

Jennifer Gonzalez of New York, “I’m not at all upset over what happened at the Capitol last
week.  For months the left had continuously let rioters destroy small businesses, our cities, intimidate peaceful diners, and  verbally & physically assault Trump supporters of all ages.  These people were never condemned by Democratic politicians. Over the summer, Gov. Cuomo told police to ‘stand down’ as immigrant owned business were looted, trashed, and burned down. They’re such hypocrites for criticizing last week’s events. Conservatives are tired of the bullying and staying silent. Whether, we look bad or not, we needed to be heard.  This was nothing compared to what we’ve been through over last couple of months.  I applaud my fellow conservatives.”

Kim Kilbourne of Ohio, “I think the same as I did a week ago, what I saw was a beautiful showing for love of country. I did not interpret what the President said as inciting any type of violence. Just like when he talked about disenfectants working on covid. I didnt take that as I should run out and drink a bottle of bleach. What a couple hundred bad actors did at the Capitol was disgusting and uncalled for. They need to be charged as called for by all. The videos that have been surfacing are very interesting to say the least. The end game that the left wanted from the start was played out that day. It’s too bad that many of the things that President Trump tried to fix will be returned to the same mess we had been dealing with pre-Trump.”

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Dr. Tim Blessing of Pennsylvania, “By taking matters into their own violent hands, the rioters showed an absolute and abominable ignorance of the American constitution, its many checks and balances, and the American people. This was more than an attack on the Capitol, it was an attack on James Madison, on Alexander Hamilton, on George Washington, and on the idea that the people can govern themselves. Their attack took a sledgehammer to the foundations of the ideas which they, in their delusions, thought they were defending.”

Emily Nunez of Florida, “I have no problem with the rioters being punished to the fullest extent of the law. I do have a problem with the hypocrisy of the left and them not demanding prosecution for the BLM and Antifa riots over the summer. They were completely fine with police buildings and businesses being destroyed when they agreed with the agenda.”

John Fielding of Pennsylvania, “The riot and invasion of the Capitol were deplorable and should not have happened. Anyone, however, that read Trump’s speech in its entirety would be hard pressed to find a place in it in which he urged that kind of activity. The police were unprepared for the invasion, having turned down offers of law enforcement help. However, everyone was caught off guard because, unlike previous visits from BLM and Antifa, Trump rallies had established no previous precedent for riots.”

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