There’s more than enough stupid to go around, lately—some of it is scary stupid. This, of course, will only increase with the new administration. Here’s a couple of recent examples. We have high-profile leftists who want to send Trump supporters to the gulag for political reprogramming. And there are leftist politicians and pundits who can’t seem to believe anyone who voted for President Trump would protect Biden.

The once widely liked Katie Couric recently made headlines. She’d apparently read the Democrat talking points memo and decided it was time to utter a reckless and thoughtless statement. For many, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has rendered reason impotent.

First, on Bill Maher’s show, Couric rained down a litany of TDS-inspired insults against people with whom she simply politically disagrees. Couric concluded, “And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.” She spoke about deprogramming Trump “cultists,” as if irony had followed reason into the mist, her own eyes glazing over with crazy. What American talks about deprogramming 75 million of her fellow Americans?

Couric’s comment about sending Trump supporters for deprogramming came out as if it were as easy as sending sick people, who’d been denied medical care, to the hospital. Does she think conservatives will want to go? For many years, I’ve asked leftists who favor reeducating conservatives, deprogramming, a question they never answer because they know the answer. What if I don’t want to be “deprogrammed” or reeducated? What then?

As a cop, I thought about the question for a couple of reasons. For the last 15 or so years of my career, my department engaged in the increasingly enthusiastic reeducation of cops from conservatism to a social justice ideology. And, if leftist politicians eventually get their way, who are they going to need to force people into deprogramming or reeducation gulags? The cops.

The Left is attempting to gaslight the nation into believing there is some singular evil in an opposing political view. Why? Because Trump. Liberals and conservatives have been going at it for more than a century. Yes, at times, it’s been extremely cantankerous. But things have changed. The modern Democrat Party, especially its leadership, is no longer liberal.

In fact, as a party, the Democrats have become decidedly illiberal. One significant way is in their growing hostility toward freedom of speech. It’s not enough to burn (literally and figuratively) books, now they get publishers to cancel book contracts of their political opponents.

Democrats (government) are using private businesses to do their unconstitutional dirty work. What is the unholy collusion between government and private business called, again? I think it begins with an F. The Democrats speak colorful rhetoric about a savior, Papa Biden, emerging to rescue the nation from a dark Trump storm. But they almost never give specifics about either Papa Biden’s lack of agenda or President Trump’s accomplishments.

Again, what happens if some Americans don’t want to go to deprogramming? I suppose the Left could use socio-corporate-governmental coercion. Perhaps the Democrats will implement their version of the Communist Chinese Social Credit System. If you don’t submit to deprogramming, they’ll lower your “social credit score” so you lose your job or your “privilege” to travel or to buy a car or house.

If that doesn’t work, and you still won’t go, they must use physical force, right? If they don’t, other people will also stop cooperating. History has taught us in so many bloody ways this is how enforced political conformity, tyranny, works.

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The second issue involves colossally ignorant, and insulting, statements made by Democrats like U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) (Hey, Tennessee… what the hell?) and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, that Democrats can’t trust Americans in uniform to protect Biden. This is a tremendous insult against the people who least deserve it. People wearing the uniform and serving our nation. But I understand from where such a ridiculous notion comes. It’s a part of selling this Democrat existential threat from domestic terrorists false narrative they are writing in real-time.

Twenty-five thousand troops to protect Papa Biden. Really? Come on, man! It’s so completely transparent that the Democrats were afraid no one would show up. Just like during Papa’s pre- and post-election events. I suppose, now that can say at least 25,000 people were there.

People like Cohen and Bowser have no conception of what it is to be a person who can vehemently oppose a person’s political ideology but still serve and protect that person. Cops and the military do it every day. Those Democrats don’t understand how Americans who support President Trump could ever risk their lives to protect Biden. Why? Because they cannot imagine being in a role where they had to serve and protect President Trump.

They are the ones who couldn’t/wouldn’t do it, so they project their lack of integrity on others. Their derangement is such that they’ve conflated President Trump with true tyrants like Mao and Hitler (no, wait… I think they like Mao—right, former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr.?), and then hate Pres. Trump, pretending the President is somehow guilty of the same thing those tyrants did.

Rep. Cohen is no stranger to stupid statements. As reported by The Ohio Star, at a congressional hearing, Cohen once told disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok, “If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would.” Thus, he trivializes the venerated medal bestowed on those servicemen and women wounded or killed in action.

This TDS epidemic infecting Democrats is strange when we know, objectively, President Trump never weaponized government agencies against his political opponents as we know President Obama did. Agencies such as the ATF, FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, etc. There’s plenty of evidence President Obama used those agencies against political opponents—American citizens.

Admittedly, at one point, President Trump thought about using the government to restrict or sanction bias reporting at NBC, conservatives opposed it on principle. And President Trump did not act on his understandable, human impulse to restrain fake news.

And, if President Trump was such a tyrant, how have his many enemies in the legacy media, academia, social media, and big tech been so successful at shutting him down? Seems like he’d be kicked out of the world tyrants club. And what tyrant in history, since the invention of the gun, has so defended a people’s right to keep and bear arms? Disarming the people is what true tyrants do.

None of this attack on conservatives makes any sense—in the real world. The term gaslighting is being tossed about so much, I was reluctant to use it again, here. However, it is so accurate. Every time I see a leftist pundit on a TV news channel, dutifully following the Alinsky tactic of accusing President Trump and his supporters of doing what the Dems are doing, my blood boils.

I think mostly because they are so adept at transposing the truth, they can do it with such a straight face. Nicole Wallace, supposed Republican pundit on MSNBC, believes Republicans “must assert the truth” before they can “share any other views.” And who judges the “truth?” Umm, people like Nicole Wallace. I wonder if she knows she sounds like an Orwellian tyrant or if she is just that self-unaware?

The Left just doesn’t understand Trump-supporting Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians. They don’t understand how we can protect and serve those with whom we disagree politically. The Right disagrees with the Left, too, but does not call for leftists to be fired, even when they are provably biased and reporting falsely on or censoring news stories. The Right tends not to support boycotts of leftist TV shows and personalities, as the Left does of those on the right. The Right just says change the channel, don’t buy the book, or simply, “It’s a free country.” Say and think what you want, just don’t infringe on my right to do the same. Wait… that sounds like liberty. What a quaint notion.