There is a meme going around on social media showing Trump as Caesar and Pence as Brutus stabbing Trump in the back.

What the idiots who posted it don’t get is that Caesar was a dictator and Brutus was trying to restore the Republic. Thus, interesting meme. It’s unintentional message is one reason among many why Vice President Mike Pence is a hero today.

He always seemed incongruous in a Trumpian setting. The straight talking low key devout Christian from Indiana led by the fast talking self-absorbed New York real estate television star. A bit of an odd couple. But then politics does that.

The current issue sprang from the Trump bitter ender fight to save his presidency. He and his acolytes had come up with the wacky idea last week that Pence could save their bacon on certification day by unethically intervening in the certification process. Pence let it be known he would do no such thing but would instead properly fulfill his constitutional duty. That set Trump off.

Then came the Trump tweets not so subtly threatening Pence with political reprisal if he didn’t play along. Pence wisely ignored them. Trump doubled down. Pence still kept his cool.

At the now infamous Trump rally on Wednesday, Trump again politically threatened Pence on the issue. Pence, after the Trump inspired assault on the Capitol, went through with his constitutional obligation and did his duty to America. That upset Trump and he said Pence didn’t have the courage to save Trump. No, he had the courage to save the Republic from Trump.

A Republican member of the US Senate who has known Pence for decades, said he had never seen Pence so angry after the unfounded Trump accusation of cowardice.

Where does Pence go from here? If he runs in 2024 he could fund his entire campaign from the proceeds of a tell all book on the Trump administration. But he won’t do that. He’s no Chatty Cathy. He will lie low for a while and let the current storm pass. Then he will give one exclusive interview where he will applaud the Trump administration and sadly condemn Donald Trump.

After that he will help Republican candidates in 2022, as they may successfully strive to take back the House and Senate. Then comes the decision. I’m not sure he’ll run. But if he does it’ll be Trumpism, but with a man with character running the show. Kind of like a more conservative Eisenhower administration.

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He won’t get the nomination unscathed. Haley will be there, maybe Noem. Cruz will be there, maybe Cotton. Trump himself may have the chutzpah to run. If he doesn’t, someone will pick up his sullied and soiled banner and try to gallop with it. Let’s hope they, or Trump, stumble with that banner right into the mud where they belong. As for Pence, he’s earned a shot at the Oval by his patriotism and integrity this week. I hope he gets it.