Poor Obama. 

It took him longer than he planned on to get rid of Trump. In the end though, he got a trifecta with control of the presidency, the House and the Senate. 

Obama is more in control of our country now than he ever was as president.

Events over the past year that were either planned or taken advantage of by the democrat party have led to a stolen election and a future of complete leftist control over our country. This is on top of the previous three years of resistance, mayhem and criminality that they participated in since Trump was inaugurated.

Democratic lies and corruption, a partisan and perverse education system, a dishonest and complicit media and worthless Republicans have propelled which can only be explained as a mob organization to power. 

This is a power that will be used in every way possible to cement the democrat party into a position of UNLIMITED power and control over every inhabitant of the United States.

Obama’s installation of puppet Dementia Biden will soon happen. Obama’s buddy, Kamala, will take over the presidency soon and will rule over us until there is a rebellion. 

Yes, I believe that some day a majority of the people in the country WILL actually realize they’re being oppressed and get to a point where they won’t accept democratic tyranny anymore. I actually believe that it happened on November 3rd but the voter fraud didn’t allow us to prove that.

The rebellion won’t be pretty. The more that people are oppressed, the bigger the correction will be. The response from the people will be directly proportionate to the tyrannical abuse they will have to suffer through.

But the elitist democrats aren’t worried about what they see as a distant collapse of the country and their power. They believe that it will take so long that they won’t even be around anymore. Plus they have so many deals in place along with an “exit” plan worked out, an implosion of the country wouldn’t have a huge effect on them.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Right now, we are like a frog in warm water taking a bath but at some point the people will realize that the democrats are boiling us for dinner.

The democrats don’t just plan to change the policies of our country. They plan change the rules of how government works so that it’s impossible for them to lose their power for some time to come. 

They have big dreams and they can accomplish them now in the next two years. They can get rid of the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, add states to the union and much more.

The Obama presidency was just a trial run for what is happening now – the complete transformation of our country that Barry promised. 

It was a test to see how far we could be pushed with a con man at the helm of the country. He presented anti-Americanism with a smiling face, nice pleats and a good marketing plan.

It worked pretty well. 

But then Trump came along. Obama and friends realized that they didn’t do enough when they were in power and now they would have to go all-in to destroy Orange Man Bad.

They had to go after Trump to cover up their own corruption and illegality. And they couldn’t let anyone know that conservatism packaged in a non-political president can actually improve the country quite substantially.

Right from the beginning, Obama and friends knew that the Don wasn’t “of the swamp” and would be a different kind of president. Obama’s legacy would be destroyed which means red-alert-red-alert, it was all hands on deck going after 45.

The Russia hoax was the beginning but not the end. 

The democratic tyrannical control of our country that will start on January 20th is a result of the fake media, Rinos, corrupt democrats and a very effective addition of their own democratic Antifa BLM terrorist army.

And because of the coup…

No longer does Obama and his crooked friends have to worry about anything having to do with the Russia hoax and all of the illegal things that they did. 

Hunter Biden’s in the clear and so is every other democrat who participated in pay-to-play, voter fraud, sexual harassment or any other crimes (unless they go off the reservation of course).

Democrats and their supporters who helped in the coup will be rewarded soon with money, power, status, grants, donations, helpful legislation and jobs. 

And Hillary and/or Obama will end up being a Supreme Court Justice.

The Republican party had a huge part in play in the situation we find ourselves in. They were so completely feckless that they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even prosecute the most egregious crimes that the democrats committed during their quest to get rid of Trump. And that includes the many saboteurs and turncoats within the Trump administration.

As a parting gift, I sincerely hope that Trump completely declassifies EVERYTHING that has to do with the Russia Hoax and shows how corrupt the democratic party truly is.

Even if he has to do it himself by putting it on a jump drive and sneaking it out of the White House inside of his MAGA hat.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on January 8, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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