On November 3rd, 2020, my wife and I went to bed feeling great about a well-deserved re-election for President Trump. We woke up to find that overnight our democracy had crumbled at our feet. The shameful manner in which one major political party treated the other, with such consequential results, solidified for us the notion that Americans on the left and right no longer share common values. While most Democrat voters didn’t participate in any wrongdoing, they have allowed themselves to enjoy, quietly, their party’s ill-gotten gains.

Glenn Beck and Dan Bongino have been banging a drum in a recent chorus that makes infinite sense. Unity is not possible until the people of our nation restore our common values. Americans used to find uniting values in the principles contained within our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and supporting literature such as the Federalist Papers. Remember, the Right has not changed their view of America and their striving to create a more perfect union; the Left has changed, striving to create a more socialist union.

Americans’ common values included our belief that the United States of America is an exceptional nation due to its unique founding on an idea. The belief it’s a mostly good nation populated with mostly good people. Both conservatives and liberals used to revere these documents, even if we differed in the nuances on how to interpret them. Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton are all considered patriotic founders, but to say they saw eye to eye on every issue would ignore history. But they had common values that were imbued in the idea of America.

Today, it appears only conservatives/libertarians revere our founding documents. The Left has bent American history, including those documents, into an unrecognizable contortion—Project 1619. They deny history and replace it with sociopolitical myths. For example, liberals used to revere free speech and religion. Today, they try to force Catholic nuns dedicated to helping the poor to provide birth control. And this neo-Left believes speech can only be free if they agree with what is being said. Why would a free society need to protect agreeable speech?

We now have a pretender who’s engraved his name on this great usurpation by only days after swearing to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, by erasing from his administration’s consciousness, the 1776 Project. This is a program that seeks to teach our nation, our children, about the greatness of our country—including its historical warts. This project exists to help Americans become familiar with the document Papa Biden so recently swore an oath to defend and then so promptly obliterated.

Do I believe Biden believes in this far-left tyranny he’s promoting? Actually, I don’t. What I believe is Biden is just making good on his part of the Faustian bargain his handlers made with the socialist-Democrat devils. And, oddly, when he’s not tearing apart our country, he calls for unity. How can he expect Americans to unify with a party that expresses nothing but contempt for them? Should cattle being led to the abattoir “unify” with their slaughterers?

There is this odd notion that all calls for “unity” are universally well intended and should be universally accepted. That unity is an ideal to achieve no matter what. But not when unity really means forced conformity. Republicans, conservatives, libertarians can no longer look at Democrats, socialists, liberals simply as political opponents. This election, the Democrat Party has shown and is proving each day that they are instead a dangerous political enemy.

When a nation’s people hold common values, political divisions may be mended. However, when values are no longer held in common, true unity is no longer possible. This divided America no longer just wants the same thing but only to achieve it in different ways. Now, each side wants two different things. Think about it. The Democrats, now in control of the government, seek to impose their harshly partisan, leftist political values on the rest of us.

The Democrats have adopted a strategy that opposing political opinions may no longer exist, for there remains only one political ideology: theirs. Political opponents no longer simply express different opinions; opponents are looked upon as mind-numbed cultists. However, while those conservative/libertarian/Republican “zombies” never attempted to force an alien political agenda on the Democrats, Democrats are attempting to, through tyranny, label their political opponents not only as cultists but also as, “domestic terrorists.” They even produce political theater—a fake impeachment of a private citizen—to reinforce it with the ultimate goal to erase any political opposition.

They’ve made one serious error. The 70 to 80 million American voters who still revere our founding, which created the greatest experiment in human liberty ever conceived, are standing in their way. Tyrants from the past have also tried to erase history. They always become a disastrous part of it.

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During a speech to the British Parliament in June 1982, President Reagan spoke about the U.K.’s WWII enemies. He said, “Churchill exclaimed… What kind of people do they [Nazis] think we are?” Reagan then spoke about how the “democracies paid a terrible price for allowing the dictators to underestimate us.” He said we must never make that mistake again. Sadly, we have made it but domestically rather than against a foreign aggressor. President Reagan answered the question about what kind of people do they think we think we are. He answered, “Free people, worthy of freedom and determined not only to remain so but to help others gain their freedom as well.”

Now, the people for whom Reagan fought so hard to help remain free, reclaim their freedom, or to gain their freedom look at America, today, from within and without, and wonder what is happening to this great nation. One political party is attempting to smudge American history out of existence. Killing jobs, killing energy independence, and killing liberty. It’s been said the fascists will come disguised as anti-fascists. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. We thought they had ethics and boundaries. We underestimated their lust for power. Let’s show them they’ve underestimated our love of liberty.

The pretender party, now occupying the highest seats of the U.S. government, will learn history cannot be erased because the events that comprise history have happened, and people know it. The future is continually turning the present into the past—into history. So, rather than erase history, the oppressors can only become a negative notation in it. In what President Reagan, in the speech referred to above, called, “The ash heap of history.”