The former First Lady Melania Trump has revealed some of her post-White House plans, as she is reportedly starting an office in Palm Beach, Florida, in part to “maintain ‘Be Best.'”

This was revealed in a CNN report, which stated that Melania’s post-White House staff will include three familiar staffers: Hayley D’Antuono, who previously served as her director of operations and trip supervisor; Mary Finzer, who previously managed Melania’s “gift closet;” and Marcia Kelly, a former unpaid senior adviser in the White House.

Sources said that the team is planning to initially work remotely and out of the Trumps’ private Mar-a-Lago Club, though Melania, 50, is looking for a separate office space in Palm Beach. This comes days after former President Donald Trump announced that he is launching his own post-White House office.

This also comes after the town of Palm Beach confirmed it was reviewing whether the Trumps could legally make their residence at Mar-a-Lago, in light of an agreement that the former president signed back in 1993, according to People Magazine. This agreement, which Trump signed after he converted his former residence into the private club, stated that no members would stay there for longer than seven days at a time.

Residents of Palm Beach have been calling on local officials to examine the issue.

“It’s a legal matter. It’s a contract,” said Palm Beach Town Manager Kirk Blouin. “We have attorneys that prepared [the use agreement] for the town … obviously it was prepared many, many years ago. So because it’s a legal matter, it is being reviewed.”

After launching “Be Best,” Melania said that she was alright with criticism, explaining in 2018, “It is not news or surprising to me that critics and the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue, and that’s okay.”

“I remain committed to tackling this topic because it will provide a better world for our children,” she continued. “And I hope that, like I do, you will consider using their negative words as motivation to do all you can to bring awareness and understanding about responsible online behavior.”