Americans who support President Trump, the 75 million+ of us, are walking around with caverns within our chests, suffused with supercharged jumbles of emotions and restrained outrage—so far. Outrage we’re not exactly sure how to express because Democrats and their allies keep thieving all legal, peaceful means Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians have to effect political change.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh recently, a caller said, “We are not Trump; Trump is us.” Exactly! President Trump is not a holding aloft a damp finger in the breeze kind of guy. He promised us what he was going to do, those promises reflected what we wanted him to do, and then he kept his promises.

About what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, the Democrats and their handlers in the media, perhaps with a bit of help from the deep state, couldn’t have planned it better. Although, even if it were planned as some are beginning to report (even CNN, The WaPo, and The NYT). The true story will come out in the coming days, weeks, and months. But whenever law enforcement conducts an investigation of a crime they ask, who benefitted—who had a motive?

Anyone think President Trump and his supporters are benefitting from what happened at the Capitol? Perversely, does it surprise anyone that Democrats and Republican never-Trumpers think they are benefitting from that shady debacle? Of course not. For one thing, Democrats, allied with the legacy media, social media, and big tech, knew they’d control the “armed insurrection incited by the President” false narrative. Hell, they even birthed another fake impeachment out of it. Impeachment used to be feared, now Americans laugh at the concept.

Ironically, the false “Trumpist insurrection” narrative is one that better describes the Democrat riots Biden’s supporters have been engaging in for most of 2020 and into 2021—including several in D.C. Biden-supporters have burned buildings (even a revered church), looted, and rioted. They also injured at least 60 Secret Service agents and caused President Trump to be evacuated from the White House to safety.

Yet, when Republicans and conservatives bring up the 2020 leftist riots, Democrats accuse them of “whataboutism.” But for that accusation to stand, there has to be some equivalence between events. It’s not even close. The Federalist reported, the,

ACLED [Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project] is a nonprofit organization that tracks conflict across the globe. Its U.S. project that collected the summer protest data is supported by Princeton University. The project’s spreadsheet collating tens of thousands of data points documents 12,045 incidents of U.S. civil unrest from May 26, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2020. May 26 is the day after George Floyd’s death in police custody with enough fentanyl in his system to have died of an overdose if police had never touched him.

Of the 633 incidents coded as riots, 88 percent are recorded as involving Black Lives Matter activists. Data for 51 incidents lack information about the perpetrators’ identities. BLM activists were involved in 95 percent of the riots for which there is information about the perpetrators’ affiliation.

That’s 12,045 to 1 (if you accept the premise the Republicans were totally responsible, which I do not). Do you hear even a single word from the Democrats or legacy media about that reality?

Anyone else think it’s odd the night of the “Trump insurrection” no crowd re-formed to burn and riot in D.C.? Why not? First, generally, Trump supporters don’t riot. Second, if there had been rioting that night, the Antifa/BLM thugs who’d earlier infiltrated President Trump’s Stop the Steal event would have done it. But they couldn’t pretend to be Trump supporters and riot that night because they’d have been too quickly exposed without the hundreds of thousands of truly peaceful Trump supporters to hide within.

There are some things we know for sure about how neo-socialist/Marxist Democrats operate:

Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt.” It’s no accident when the Democrats employ this tactic. Alinsky acolyte, Hillary Clinton, is a fan, and Karl Marx was, too. Why? Because, especially when you have the legacy media on your side, it works.

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After months of violence and destruction in many American cities, the Left uses one, largely false flag, likely pre-planned high jacking of an event to claim Trump-supporters are committing a violent “insurrection” (a term the Left vehemently resisted as it applied to their actual riots) or even “coup.” Something that has almost certainly happened to President Trump.

These false accusations after Biden-supporters spent most of 2020 engaging in actual insurrection to assist the four-year coup, which is about to be completed on January 20th, 2021. I lost count of Portland’s consecutive nights of rioting at 120. That was early last October.

In Seattle, militants violently invaded and occupied a portion of the city, subjugating local residents and business owners, all with the protection and support of Democrat city leaders. Yet, “mainstream” Democrats and legacy media refused to condemn it and rejected even calling it an insurrection.

An Antifa member attempted to blow up an ICE facility in Tacoma in 2019. And, in 2020, in Portland, Antifa and BLM repeatedly attacked a federal courthouse and the officers trying to protect it. Yet Democrats still refused to say they opposed Antifa and Marxist BLM violence or even call it violence—mostly peaceful protests.

Democrats are masters of gaslighting.

The Democrats are also masters of gaslighting. This is the practice of making people believe they are not seeing what they are in fact seeing. A movie made this famous in which a woman was made to feel as if she were going insane, causing her to question her accurate perceptions and views of the world. This is precisely what the Democrats have been doing with the help of compliant media.

Democrats took away the Republican/conservative vote.

After stealing the election in far too many ways to list, the Democrats have taken away Americans’ legitimate votes. Every illegal or unauthorized ballot cancels out every legal voter’s valid vote—even of the Democrats who voted for Biden. Ethics demand good people govern. Normal, honest Democrats should not allow themselves to benefit from something that was gained through treachery. For example, it’s unethical to accept money from someone knowing it was stolen. There is no difference here. Millions of Democrats are allowing themselves to “benefit” from something they know, or suspect, was stolen and “given” to them, even if they did not personally commit the theft.

Democrats have shattered conservatives’ ability to redress grievances.

So, once Democrat operatives stole the election, annihilating the ballot box as a remedy for political grievances, they were not done—not by a long shot. It was time to take away other avenues for redress. Now, after Wednesday in D.C., does anyone think the Trump voters are champing at the bit to give the Democrats and legacy media another chance to set them up, by holding another rally of any significant size? After taking away the conservative’s right to a fair and transparent election through manifold means, they’ve virtually taken away conservatives’ right to peaceably assemble and protest.

Democrats attack the first amendment, inventing Hate Speech out of speech they disagree with.

Democrats have been attacking free speech for years. They call political speech with which they disagree, “hate speech” and then endeavor to make that speech illegal. The Academic left create speech codes and “free speech zones” to limit conservative student’s First Amendment rights on campus. And most recently, the U.S. House of Representatives, of all places, the Tyrant Speaker has violated the First Amendment by voting in rules that prohibit free speech. Insanely, “father,” “mother,” “son,” and “daughter,” among other words, are now verboten. Thus, the Democrats have also taken away our right to express our thoughts freely. A rule, by the way, Pelosi has already violated.

Democrats increase attacks on Second Amendment rights to self-defense.

The Democrats also continue to attack American’s right to self-defense. After all, if you prohibit Americans from the most efficient weapons available for personal defense, haven’t you essentially taken away their God-given right to self-defense? Whenever a Democrat claims they want “reasonable gun laws,” they are coming after your guns. The Second Amendment does not read your, “right to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,” *unless Congress passes a reasonable law.

Now Democrats want to violate both the 1st and 2nd Amendments by going after militia groups.

 Now, in the shadow of Democrats controlling all three branches of government, very likely having stolen two branches, they are combining their assaults. For example, Washington State wants to limit armed militias. It’s true militias have suffered from the bad press, garnered by some fringe groups, outside the general movement, some of whom hate President Trump).

However, the vast majority of militias are comprised of patriotic Americans concerned for all of their constitutional rights. If Democrats are successful in outlawing militias, without evidence of illegal activity, they will be successful in infringing on both the First and Second Amendments. Freedom of association, expression, and freedom to protect oneself, family, and other innocents from harm.     

In closing, I want to share a memory that was prompted by a blurb I recently heard while watching an old TV show or movie. One kid was upset with what another kid had said. After expressing his disagreement, one kid said to the other, “Well, it’s a free country.”

It reminded me that my friends and I used to say that all the time to each other if we did or said something the other didn’t agree with. Then we’d go back to hanging around, playing sports, or whatever else we were doing.

When was the last time you heard a kid say, “It’s a free country?” When was the last time you heard an adult say, “It’s a free country?” As for adults, I’d bet that if you’ve heard it recently, it wasn’t a Democrat who’d said it.