On Monday’s episode of “The View,” host Joy Behar came completely unglued as she reacted to audio from a one-hour phone call in which President Donald Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to “find 11,780 votes.”

“I thought, get the straitjacket, get the straitjacket. He’s gone. This guy’s gone. He’s on his knees, begging Raffensperger,” said Behar, who is arguably one of the most anti-Trump people on television.

“I give props to Raffensperger,” she added. “He did a good job. He will not bend over. He will not bend over for this guy. But I’m wondering if we have the 25th Amendment because, you know, if you don’t use it with him, when are they going to use it? When one flew over the cuckoo’s nest? When are they going to use it? If they didn’t impeach him before, and I guess they could still impeach him. I understand if he gets impeached, he can’t run for president again.”

Behar’s cohost and fellow liberal Sunny Hostin quickly agreed with her.

“I think there’s no question that any lawyer that you speak to will tell you that this counts as conspiracy to commit election tampering, you know, especially voter suppression,” Hostin said. “I hope that every single American, especially people that are still Trump supporters, listen to that tape of the call or at least read the transcript because what you have is the president of the United States asking the Georgia secretary of state to find votes, to steal an election, and to just really, I think, sabotage our democracy. That is not only criminal. It is psychotic in a sense.”

“And it’s treasonous. It’s treason,” Behar added, with Hostin agreeing, “It’s treasonous. It is treasonous.”

Behar has spent the past four years attacking Trump seemingly every single day on her liberal ABC talk show. Back in November, she went so far as to say that Trump “will go to jail.”

“People have to remember Trump that is hanging on to power and primarily, I think, it’s to avoid going to prison,” Behar said. “People don’t remember Watergate. John Ehrlichman, Haldeman they both went to prison. John Mitchell went to prison. The only reason that Nixon didn’t go is because he was pardoned by Gerald Ford. They will go to jail. He will go to jail.  He has to answer E. Jean Carroll. He has to answer the Southern district. He’s petrified. That’s why he’s barricading himself.