A good rule to go on in the modern era is that anything with the words “the people” in it are inane populists who think they speak for “the people” or hard leftists trying to masquerade as populists. This example showcases the latter.

HR1, the “For the People” Act is an attempt by the Democrat majority, another wonderful result of the Georgia defeat, to make permanent every single dirty trick and unethical ploy they used in 2020. If it passes election integrity will be severely limited. It can be stopped, but only if Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are at the top of their games.

FNC: “House Democrats are engaged in a new push to pass comprehensive legislation this month they say is aimed at strengthening voting rights, fighting voter suppression and gerrymandering, and restricting the use of ‘dark money’ in federal politics. Republicans, however, have said during previous attempts to bring the legislation to a vote that it would give the federal government even more power in deciding the people’s representation. House Resolution 1, or the “For The People Act”, is sponsored by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., and co-sponsored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.” The bill is designed to mandate Democrat California majorities for all of America.

“In a statement on his House webpage, Sarbanes said the 2020 Election made his legislation even more important, claiming American voters were forced to ‘overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special-interest dark money just to exercise their vote and their voice in our democracy.’…H.R. 1 would ensure ‘automatic’ voter registration, require states to allow same-day voter registration on Election Day, and take aim at what are often Republican efforts to ‘purge’ voter rolls of alleged inconsistencies and disparities, such as a recent exercise in Georgia that resulted in a contentious court battle…The bill also includes an item prohibiting ineligible voters from being prosecuted for being ‘mistakenly registered.’ ” The bill encourages election fraud.

“There are no constitutional, historical, fiscal, or economic reasons why the Americans who live in the District of Columbia should not be granted statehood,” HR1 reads. The real meaning is the Democrats want extra Democrat seats in the House and two new Democrat senators. That is a main goal of this bill, simply adding Democrats to Congress.

“If you still believe in what we all learned in high school government class, that democracy works best when as many eligible people participate, these are commonsense reforms,” said Sen. Alex Padilla, a Democrat who now holds the seat formerly held by Kamala Harris. Nope. This bill only tries to guarantee one thing, Democrat registration and turnout. It is a bill to promote a one party state.

The Wall Street Journal understands the flaws in the legislation. “H.R.1 imposes California-style election rules nationwide. The bill requires every state to register voters based on names in state and federal databases—such as anyone receiving food stamps or who interacts with a state DMV. Overall the bill is designed to auto-enroll likely Democratic voters, enhance Democratic turnout, with no concern for ballot integrity.” This must be stopped. It’s up to Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to do it.