GOP Views On Georgia Loss

Hard to believe, but a calm before a storm.

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LifeZette asked Republicans from across the nation their views on the loss of two Senate seats in Georgia. We asked this question Wednesday morning, before the mob violence at the Capitol. We will ask about that subject soon, after the smoke clears a bit.

Republican Media Adviser Monty Warner of DC, “I wonder if GOP truly realizes how f***** they are. After last night it’s clear Dems can ‘win’ any election they please and they will probably ‘make history’ in 2022 by picking up seats in both chambers. Feminine Spray Republicans who think things will go back to the way they were are tan deep sheep headed to slaughter.”


Writer Elizabeth Fortunato of New York, “We shouldn’t despair. We need need to prioritize where we hold our ground. First and 2nd ammendment cases need be defended and publicized….group grass roots…”

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Kim from Ohio, “I can’t say I’m shocked at what happened in Georgia, it was coming and we knew it and again here we are…The Republican party should get a message that speaks for many…. get it together and start fighting for this country, we are watching and you can and will be replaced.”

Nick from Maryland, “This is 9-11 morning all over again. Watching the news and knowing ‘What does it mean to be an American?’ is a necessary question that we don’t ask save in conflict.”

Niko from Maryland, “What the events of the last several days have shown is that there are two Republican parties. The first is the party of Mitch. These are ‘the Democrats of 20 years ago.’ This party always agrees with what the Democrats say, just two decades after the Democrats first say it. This is because when the chips are down, the party of Mitch would rather lose to the Democrats than upset the status quo.”

John Reid of DC, “With Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, it could feel daunting for conservatives. However, I don’t see many ways that Biden/Harris can have much an impact on large scale issues. Conservatives have the Supreme Court for a long time. Justice Breyer, 82, is the oldest on the Court and if retires then Biden will be replacing a liberal with a liberal. No change made. Next in age is Justice Thomas, 72, and he’s not retiring anytime soon. So Biden can’t do much with the Court, and packing the court isn’t popular enough among general Democrats to make that happen. Biden’s extreme gun measures would likely require a change to then National Firearms Act, which would be an extreme measure that moderate Dems in the house are not likely to support. The fear that I have is the Equality Act, which is ironically titled considering it is hardly equal. The EA has favor among many liberals and would fiercely intrude on the religious liberties of American citizens.”

Shelly Mateer of Florida, “I’m not sure why we would have expected a different result in GA when they are being allowed to do the same thing they did on November 3rd.  Also, why are they still using Dominion machines?  What’s the saying? ‘The definition of insanity…’  I’m ready for the swamp to truly be drained.  That includes the spineless Republicans who have turned their backs on President Trump, Big Media and Big Tech which have kept news stories from the American public and won’t even cover THE PRESIDENT anymore, and the school systems that have apparently eliminated U.S. history, civics and the U.S. Constitution from the curriculum.  We need a complete overhaul, nothing else will do.”

Dr. Tim Blessing of Pennsylvania, “Partisan allegiance has become so strong, and apparently, so fierce, that it seems almost to have been replaced by tribal allegiance. As of this writing—12:39 PM Wednesday, the two Democrats, Warnock and Ossoff, each with two million, two hundred thousand votes and change, are separated by 18,269 votes. The two Republicans, Perdue and Loeffler, each with two million, one hundred thousand votes and change, are separated by 18,531 votes. In short, .8 of one percent of the voters split their ticket. I doubt that any democracy can long survive such an utter division into two warring camps.
This, of course, is replicated by what is occurring on the streets of Washington today. Thousands and thousands of people have gathered to demonstrate against what is mostly a ceremonial counting of electoral ballots—they have already been counted and this is just the formality of entering the results into the Congressional Record. But there they are, marching and roaring. It is, in many ways, free speech at its finest—the willingness of free people to protest even when there is no chance they will be successful in their protests—but is also of the tribal nature of today’s polity.
The Democratic Party lies in splinters, held together mostly by their disdain of conservatism, but barely able to summon the votes to re-elect their own long-term Speaker. Many representatives of the Republican Party are about to engage in a ritualistic denial and defiance of the recognition of the Democratic president-elect demonstrating a belief, held in common by many Republicans, that the official president-elect is a usurper. The rest of the party is reeling back in horror. We are not only reengaging Medieval symbolism and feudal allegiance, but we are now spinning back to the darkest times of the Medieval world.”

David Kamioner
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