Facebook and their communist social media friends are on a rampage to shut down Trump. And Trump supporters. And conservatives. And patriots.

But what they’re really trying to shut down is America. 

At least the one most of us live in and depend on. 

Democrats can’t have transformational change if they leave the Constitution and the supporters of it intact. 

Not surprisingly, the American flag and other patriotic gear is a target of the leftists. The flag symbolizes everything that they hate.

LeAnn Miller, business owner of the company PatrioticMe (scary name), had her Facebook advertising account shut down by the social media overlords and it has cost her 94% of her traffic.

According to her interview in The Blaze, her company was started in 2019 and launched on September 11, 2020 to honor the heroic American first responders of the terrorist attacks. 

A portion of her sales is donated to Tunnel to Towers Foundation which is a charity that provides mortgage-free smart homes to Gold Star Families with surviving family members and veterans or first responders with catastrophic injuries suffered in the line of duty.

Miller’s company sells patriotic products and they advertise the products. Or at least they did until the Facebook communists came along.

Her crime? You decide… Here’s what her ad says that led to her advertising account being closed… “Loving your country shouldn’t be hidden. Check out our new line of long sleeve shirts! We have an attractive range of patriotic clothes to show that love off! 10% off on your order for a limited time! Every time you purchase, we donate a portion of it to the tunnel to tower foundation.”

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Accompanied with that text in the ad is a photo of a USA shirt.

In November of 2020, the Facebook Ads team told her her ads didn’t comply with their policies and standards and that her ad account would be disabled. After three inquiries into the issue and getting no reasonable explanation of why they shut her down, Facebook told Miller that her account would not be re-enabled.

Did they tell her why – or what part of her advertisement wasn’t acceptable to them? No, of course not. Facebook doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Nor do they have to provide a human being to talk to anyone – and they don’t have to be accountable for anything that they do.

Miller told The Blaze, “My shirts say ‘USA’ or ‘America” or have the flag or outline the country. They’re all very benign.”

She doesn’t sell partisan products. She sells American products.

But that’s apparently the problem.

It’s obvious that Facebook is not pro-American and they were offended by her flag merchandise and the colors red, white and blue.

They’re just doing what they can to keep the country “safe” from degenerates like Miller.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on January 15, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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