CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who has effectively built a career for himself solely on bashing President Donald Trump and his supporters over the past four years, made sure to get one last dig in at him on his final day in office. Acosta went so far as to claim that Trump is leaving Washington D.C. this week in a “disgraceful way,” and to say that the “American people just want him to go.”

“Jim, this city clearly on edge. The country, in fact, is on edge,” said CNN host Wolf Blitzer. “The coronavirus pandemic is at its worse right now, worse that it’s been. There’s absolutely no sign of the president of the United States.”

“That’s right, Wolf,” Acosta said. “Donald Trump remains in hiding, less than two days before he leaves office in disgrace as a twice impeached president. Trump has not appeared in front of the press in six days as he meets with advisers behind closed doors, plotting his last-minute pardons in a departure ceremony many Americans are hoping will be a one-way ticket out of Washington with no return.”

“Even after the events of the last two weeks, Trump is leaving office still lying to himself and others that the election was stolen from him,” he added. “A White House adviser said aides to the president have explained to him on numerous occasions that there was no evidence he was cheated out of a second term. As this adviser put it, he still thinks it was stolen, and he won, Wolf, what a disgraceful way to go out. The president is still suffering from these delusions. When you look at the polls, the American people just want him to go.”

Acosta should really have been rooting for Trump to win a second term more than anyone, given the fact that without the current president to attack, he will no longer be relevant. This comes one week after CNN announced that it would be pulling Acosta from the White House beat as soon as Biden takes office.

“The most glaring change is CNN’s decision to take performance artist Jim Acosta off the White House beat. Talk about showing your hand,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

The Spectator’s U.S. Washington editor Amber Athey, who previously worked alongside Acosta when she was a White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, agreed that this was an odd move.

“It certainly seems odd that CNN is pulling Acosta from the White House rotation right as a Democratic president is set to take office. He insisted repeatedly that his style of shouting questions, delivering monologues, and heckling White House officials was merely about holding powerful people accountable for their actions,” Athey said. “Is CNN effectively saying that they don’t want to hold the Biden administration accountable in the same way?”