It should come as no surprise now, but something very suspicious happened during the 2020 election. Just over the past couple of months, there have been stories of election fraud, people being hired to drive votes across state lines, and now a video has surfaced showing officials in Georgia counting votes out of large cases. And I bet you are wondering who those votes just happened to be for? Remember, he gained more votes than any other President in history, and people are starting to see why.

The video you are about to see has caused many alarms to sound, with further fears that the election that between Joe Biden and President Trump was indeed – rigged. The media doesn’t want to talk about it and when anyone tries to – Big Tech steps in and blocks them. Twitter most recently blocked a mathematician who claimed that the data showed voter fraud. Remember, speaking the truth isn’t the most popular thing to do right now.

Still, the video above shows supervisors telling poll workers that they are done counting for the night. This is normal and they should return the next day and continue the count, but that is where things get weird. When they all leave, supervisors pull out large suitcases full of votes and start counting them as if they never stopped working. Many in Georgia have come forward and defended the actions in the video claiming nothing nefarious occurred, but even the casual observer should be able to say it does not look good, and demands clear answers (backed by evidence) for the American people, not more question marks.

How much more evidence is the American people going to need before they stand up and declare a fair election. The Dominion software has already been proven to be faulty and can even be hooked up to the internet. The same company once claimed that their machine could not be hooked up to the internet, but the manual proved otherwise.

The Democrats are still hurt about the 2016 election and they were about to lose the 2020 election, so what did they decide to do – steal an election. What we need now is not for a recount but for a whole new election. President Trump was the first person to come out and claim the election was rigged and now, with each passing day, more and more stories come to light about fraud and the impact it had on the 2020 election.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on December 5, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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