Ever wonder why many young people seem like idiots, at least on a political level? Yes, I’m swerving into “Get off my lawn!” mode. First reason is, they are. So were most of us at that age because of a lack of life experience.

It seems more pronounced these days because for a couple of generations public schools have been less about education, especially in the humanities, and more about indoctrination. That’s why the modern young are perfect little conformists. They’ve been programmed to be so.

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One school district in Virginia is working very hard at that PC training, which of course involves erasing American history. Can’t have the tykes knowing real American history because they may grow to respect our nation, maybe even love it. And that is a fate the leftist PC crowd and their Democrat allies will go to great lengths to avoid.


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Laura Ingraham gives details. FNC: “A Virginia school district seems more concerned with ‘bowing to radical activists’ than returning struggling students to in-person classes, Laura Ingraham said Wednesday.

‘Just as hundreds of school systems across America are using the COVID excuse, the Falls Church school board since last March has closed its schools for in-person learning and it’s turned its student body into Zoom bots,’  the ‘Ingraham Angle’ host said.

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‘But,’ she added, “don’t think that during the shutdown, the Falls Church school board hasn’t been keeping itself very busy with other important work.”

The school board voted 7-0 Tuesday night to change the names of George Mason High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School to probably something like Angela Davis High School and Ideological Purification Center. This despite 56% of the district Zoom voting against the changing the names. George Mason and Jefferson were Founders. Mason gave us the initial words of a free people and Jefferson, well, where do you start with him? He even founded a school, the University of Virginia, that is world class. But nah, says the school board, just dead white guys.

Ingraham: “The petty tyrants on the board simply ignored this and sided with the perjurers of history. Look, if these folks really cared about traditionally marginalized people, [like] students, kids, they would be spending their time working on opening these schools. I bet after seeing this, millions of Americans are appalled because they don’t really know, they aren’t thinking about how politicized education has become. It’s clear that children aren’t the concern. For these neo-Marxists that are running education, it’s all about remaking America”

Ingraham told viewers to “start running for these seats and knocking out these goofballs” who hold sway on school boards.” Yup. She’s right. It’s the only way to stop the rot of our culture and perhaps repair it somewhat before the whole thing comes crashing down on our heads.