ABC legal analyst and “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin launched her latest deranged attack on Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole on Wednesday, this time accusing the GOP of failing to denounce the “racial hatred” that she claims Trump has incited.

The panel of the ABC talk show were talking about Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson (D) getting racist voicemail after challenging Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani’s election fraud claims when Hostin went off on her newest anti-Republican rant.

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“I think this is about this president always inciting violence, using words that incite violence, and this Republican Party is refusing to denounce violence,” Hostin began. “I was terrified, Whoopi, when I saw that tweet from the Arizona GOP basically inciting violence and asking people to risk their lives, to put up their lives for President Trump, and somehow trying to steal the election. I think that this could possibly end in violence. More violence than we’ve seen, and I am afraid of that. I am disgusted by it, and this is just not the America that I know.”

“Let’s not forget that this has this sort of racial tinge to many of these threats that I have been seeing in social media that has been reported,” she added. “We’re talking about a man saying that he was going to — there were going to be crosses burned. I mean, are we there? Is that where we are? I think the racial hatred this president has incited and has developed is something that should be denounced by the Republican Party, and we hear crickets.”

“We hear crickets over and over and over again, and that is something that is shameful. It’s just shameful. Where do we go from here? I see violence in our future,” she concluded. “Isn’t this supposed to be the law and order administration? Aren’t the Republicans supportive of law enforcement? Where did that go?”

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Hostin is conveniently ignoring all of the anti-Republican hatred that she and her fellow cohosts of “The View” incite on their show every single day. How typical of a leftist.