Next Year’s Pelosi-Led House Will Be ‘Laziest Congress In Modern History,’ Top Republican Warns

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) issued a chilling warning over the weekend, saying that next year’s Democrat-run House of Representatives will be the “laziest Congress is modern history” under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

McCarthy cited the fact that House Democrats, who hold the majority in the legislature, have scheduled only 101 days of work for this coming year, a major reduction from previous years.

“House Democrats have scheduled 101 days of work for next year — a 25% reduction. Let me say it again: 101 working days. For the whole year. Laziest Congress in modern history,” McCarthy tweeted.

This came days after McCarthy said at a press conference that though Congress desperately needs to provide Americans with coronavirus relief, Democrats are not really working on it.

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“We have to get to work on this, we have to get it done, but working is something that this majority has not a good record on doing. Just look at the floor schedule this week, Democrats have focused on cats and cannabis, but not on COVID,” McCarthy said.

“You’d think after a humiliating defeat at the ballot box this year, that Democrats didn’t defeat one Republican incumbent,” he added. “Of the 27 most vulnerable races, Republicans won them all. That Democrats would get to the picture that the Americans are demanding some action on these issues.”

“It certainly doesn’t appear that in the next Congress anything will change,” McCarthy continued. “Yesterday the Democrats released next year’s House schedule. The average number of days working in the first session of the past four Congresses have been 134 days. You would think with all the challenges that this country has, that we’d probably maybe even work, at least more, or at the very least that same amount of time. Nope.”

Not stopping there, McCarthy said that the House schedule for next year just goes to show that Democrats like to get paid for not working.

“Democrats think Congress needs a 25% reduction. Yes, you don’t even have to show up for work,” McCarthy said. “Sixty Democrats yesterday, one third of them, didn’t show up for work — just voted by proxy and still got paid. And now they found out they don’t even have to work as much as they did … Congresses before. A 25% reduction, with only scheduled 101 days.”

“They’ll probably become the laziest Congress we have ever had,” he added.

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