On Monday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar had the nerve to claim that she’s been “respectful to Melania” Trump during her time as First Lady. Unfortunately for Behar, however, it didn’t take long for this to blow up in her face, as it’s well known that she’s been especially cruel to Melania over the past four years.

The panel of the ABC talk show were discussing the Wall Street Journal op-ed that questioned if Jill Biden should really be calling herself a doctor when Behar chimed in.

“Can I jump in here? Yeah I was going to say, you know, first of all, don’t call her kiddo,” Behar said, addressing the author of the oped. “She’s not somebody you met on Tinder, okay? She’s the next First Lady of the United States.”

“I think that we have been respectful to Melania, and we will be respectful to Jill,” Behar added.

This backfired on Behar, however, when Fox News contributor Joe Concha fired back by pointing out that she and the rest of the media have treated Melania worse than any other First Lady in history.

Concha pointed out that it was only recently that Behar said, “Melania Trump’s parents now enjoying chain migration, why wouldn’t she go along with it? She was in Slovenia doing nothing, I don’t know what she was doing… OK, she was a model now she’s first lady.”

He then cited a Washington Post story that was headlined, “People are making bets on whether Melania Trump will divorce Donald Trump.”

“That’s all you have to know about the treatment of Melania Trump, treated the worst of any first lady we’ve seen in the modern era,” Concha said.

Media Research Center contributing writer Kristine Marsh fired back at Behar as well, blasting her for her claim of being “respectful” to the First Lady.

“That’s a laugh. Mrs. Trump has been the target of several ‘View’ episodes,” Marsh wrote, citing examples in which Behar was “spreading gossip that Melania was going to divorce her husband” and making “snippy jokes” at her expense.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

‘It should go without saying that this is the polar opposite of the warm and friendly treatment the ‘View’ hosts have always given to Jill Biden,” Marsh continued.