The Hollywood star and radical liberal George Clooney was quick to bash the United States in a new interview, saying that racism is the “great original sin” of America.

“I’ve been to so many countries that are really failed states, and they look to this country for leadership,” Clooney told People Magazine. “We come up short a lot—race being our great original sin and clearly the one we’ve been the worst at—but we are in the constant process of trying to find a more perfect union.”

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“You can’t give up. I believe in the American spirit,” he added.

Despite the fact that he’d essentially just said that America is racist to its core, Clooney added that he is “optimistic about this country,” though he was quick to also say that “we fail a great deal.”

“I’m in the same situation as most fathers of 3-year-olds: I don’t want my children when they’re 15 years old to turn around and say, ‘There was a time when they were putting kids in cages?… And what did you do about that?’ And if the answer is ‘nothing,’ then I would be ashamed,” continued Clooney, who is the father to 3 year-old twins with his wife Amal.

Clooney is conveniently ignoring the fact that it was his close personal friend Barack Obama who actually started the policy of “putting kids in cages” at the border.

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This is unfortunately far from the first time that Clooney has gone after America in this way. Back in June, he penned a scathing op-ed claiming that “anti-black racism” is this country’s “pandemic” that “infects all of us.”

“This is our pandemic,” he wrote of racism. “It infects all of us, and in 400 years we’ve yet to find a vaccine. It seems we’ve stopped even looking for one and we just try to treat the wound on an individual basis.”

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It’s sad that radically liberal Hollywood A-listers like Clooney have made bashing our country so fashionable these days. Regardless of what Clooney and his fellow spoiled actors say, it’s important to remember that America is still the greatest country in the world.