CNN reporter Jim Acosta spoke out on Sunday to whine about the way Donald Trump has treated the media during his presidency, saying that supporters of the president have made reporters “feel endangered” with “death threats” after absorbing his “hostility” for the media.

“There were Trump supporters all over the country absorbing this hostility that the president was directing at the press and then lashing out at us, as well, and in ways that made us feel endangered,” Acosta lamented.

“You know, I am not the only reporter who covered this White House who has had death threats. There have been a number of us who have experienced death threats,” he added .”We can’t be at a place in this country, Brian, where political reporters, White House correspondents, and so on need bodyguards to go cover political campaigns and so on. And so, it’s more than just pulling a press pass or yelling at a reporter at a press conference or calling somebody names like we heard President Trump do … from time to time.”

“It is just a pervasive hostility towards the president — anti-democratic hostility towards the press that I just hope we never see the likes of ever again,” Acosta said. “It is just so damaging and destructive for our democracy.”

Acosta has effectively made a career for himself by relentlessly bashing President Trump and anyone who supports him. Just last week, he accused Trump of shamelessly chasing after a “fever dream” that he could still overturn the results of the presidential election.

“One would think if he’s thinking about running in 2024 that he would want to go out there and lead the charge on the coronavirus pandemic, lead the charge in challenging Vladimir Putin on this cybersecurity hack,” Acosta said. “He’s not doing it. I suspect, John because he’s wrapped up in grief with this election and chasing after this fever dream that he somehow can still over overturn the election results when it’s just not going to happen.”

Ironically, Acosta should be the one hoping that Trump overturns the election results more than anyone because once this president is gone, this CNN reporter will no longer be relevant in any way.